Libertarian Convention Stripper: Photos & Videos You Need to See

Libertarian Stripper 2

Yes, someone stripped during the Libertarian convention. (Reddit)

During the Libertarian National Convention, things got a little out of hand when a candidate for chair used his two minutes on stage to perform a strip tease in front of everyone. No, we’re not kidding. It really did happen and other Libertarians weren’t too happy about it.

NOTE: If you don’t want to see a random guy in a thong on the Libertarian stage, then don’t keep scrolling: 

These are all the photos, videos, and reactions that you need to see.

During C-SPAN’s coverage of the election, this happened:

Here’s the whole crazy incident from another angle:

We’re not sure the name of the person yet who did the stripping, but according to reports from people who were at the convention, he was one of the people nominated for chair of the party. He did the strip on a dare and then dropped out of the race.

Byron Tau, a Wall Street Journal reporter, noted that he heard someone mumbling during the incident, “At a time when we need to be taken seriously.”

Other people who were watching in person, on TV, or on the online stream were just confused:

And here, we have the classic “famous last words” right before the stripping began:

Some said the guy was part of the Libertarian’s “Radical Caucus.” Here’s what one person had to say about the whole thing:

And on Facebook, one person mentioned that this isn’t helping the party very much:

The stripper’s actions were definitely not sanctioned by the party or expected at all. Wonder what he won for completing the dare?

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1 Comment

Craig Vale

Innapropriate comes no where near describing this bizzare incident and made the Libertarian Party look like participants in a red light district side show filmed in some back alley. I have no logical explanation as to why this guy wasn’t immediately booted rolled off the stage. He made Clint Eastwood’s talking to the chair fiasco look like a lecture on physics.

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