Hillary Clinton’s Vice President: 5 Possible Running Mates

Tim Kaine

Prediction Markets: 35 percent

Virginia senator Tim Kaine has been a likely contender for Clinton's vice president over the past several months, and has emerged as the top contender in this week's prediction markets. The prediction markets have increased Kaine's chances from 21 to 35 percent. Kaine could be a strategic, and safe choice for Clinton. An important consideration for Clinton is finding someone she wants to work with, according to CNN, not necessarily someone who checks specific electorate boxes. This could be a good sign for several potential vice presidential candidates who aides have reported Clinton has enjoyed campaigning with, including Kaine, Tom Perez, Julian Castro and Sen. Cory Booker. Kaine, a former governor and chairman of the Democratic National Committee, has an impressive resume and executive experience. During his tenure as governor, Kaine cut the state budget by more than 5 billion dollars, including a reduction in his own salary. National security concerns have taken center stage following last week's mass shooting in Orlando. Kaine's experience in foreign policy could help his argument as a vice presidential candidate. The former governor of Virginia serves on both the Senate Armed Services and Foreign Relations Committees. Kaine also served as the chairman of the Democratic National Committee from 2009 to 2011. As DNC chairman, Kaine gained tremendous media exposure along with national campaigning and fundraising experience. He also is likely to appeal to the middle class, coming from a modest upbringing. “He’s from a working-class background, so is comfortable with blue-collar people, with labour unionism,” says Carl Tobias, a University of Richmond law professor who has known Mr Kaine for years. “He’d be very good with the kind of voters Trump is attracting.”

The 58-year-old senator seems to have the experience necessary to fulfill the presidential duties should anything happen to Clinton. The senator could also have a strong pull in his state, one of the most highly contested swing states in the country. Virginia has voted for the Democratic nominee in the last two elections, but before 2008, it was a red state for 10 consecutive elections. He also speaks fluent Spanish, often conducting interviews on the campaign trail in his second language. In 2013, Kaine delivered the first-ever Senate floor speech in a language other than English. Additionally, Kaine would help to maintain relationships between business and the White House. “He checks every box,” a top financial services lobbyist in Washington told Politico. “You could see him step in as president, he is credible with the base of the party, and he’s also comfortable spending time with the rich people you need to raise money from.” (Getty)