WATCH: ‘Today Show’ Reports on Brock Turner’s Drug & Alcohol History

In court, Brock Turner blamed the drinking culture at Stanford for the “mistake” he made that got him convicted for rape and sentenced to prison. He even said “Coming from a small town in Ohio, I had never really experienced celebrating or partying that involved alcohol.” He also denied any drug use.

However, the Today Show reported that court documents ultimately painted a very different story. Texts on Turner’s cell phone directly discussed drug and alcohol use in both high school and college, with drugs including marijuana and acid. He had even been caught underage drinking with a fake ID by police just a couple of months prior to being caught sexually assaulting a woman.

The Brock Turner in these texts is a far cry from the Brock Turner he and his attorneys attempted to create in court, an innocent boy from a small town drawn in by new dangers of drinking and partying.


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The court of public opinion can go straight to hell. The fact is that this gentleman did not rape anyone. His finger touch the tip of her vagina which happens every day after school in middle America. The Liberals are just pissed off at males and now he is the target because they have allowed all males now to go into the female bathrooms anytime they want. This will get much worse before it gets better.

Dianne Boyce

He got off lightly. He violated a female and deserves a harsher sentence. Had he been black, they would have thrown the book at him.


Diane, you say that he violated a female and needs a longer sentence. I hate to tell you this is not 1940. Females cannot legally be violated anymore. The vagina of the female is no different than her arm or her eye. The concept of rape is outdated and this should have been simple battery at the most.


After the court of public opinion gets through with this kid, he’ll wish he had gotten the 6 year sentence…

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