WATCH RNC Protests: Live Stream & Videos You Need to See

A huge number of protesters have been gathering at the Republican National Convention en masse to protest Trump’s nomination. Earlier today, large numbers of KKK and Westboro Baptist Church protesters clashed. Black Lives Matter, March on the RNC, and other protest groups have also been present, although they’ve largely stayed peaceful and only a few arrests have been made. On Tuesday, reports were made that some protest groups may have been throwing urine. You can see a livestream from outside the Convention above, showing protesters, police, and interviews.

Here are the videos and live stream feeds you need to see.

Another live stream from the RNC can be seen below. It periodically switches to showing protesters outside the Republican National Convention:

If either of the livestreams above stop working, we will also include videos below that you can watch or other suggested Periscope accounts to check.

On Periscope, @NebojsaMalic is streaming protests outside the #RNCinCLE. You can check his Periscope account for additional videos here.

Rob Garver of the Fiscal Times streamed the protesters earlier in the day. He periodically adds new streams to his Periscope account. One of his videos is below:

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To see photos of the protests, please see our story below: