WATCH: Leslie Rutledge Speaks at Republican National Convention

FULL SPEECH: AG Leslie Rutledge – Republican National ConventionFULL SPEECH: Arkansas AG Leslie Rutledge – Republican National Convention2016-07-20T00:47:11.000Z

Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge spoke at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland on Tuesday night.

She began the speech by making a jab at Hillary Clinton’s accent:

“Sometimes Hillary Clinton speaks with a New York accent, sometimes an Arkansas accent, but y’all this what a real Arkansas woman sounds like. Hillary may not know where she’s from, but Arkansans know exactly who she is.”

Rutledge, who is the first Republican elected attorney general of Arkansas, drew a comparison to her and former President Bill Clinton’s political career path, but then quickly made a contrast. The 40-year-old Attorney General said she is in “the very same office Bill Clinton held when those two launched their careers of corruption.”

Rutledge went on to criticize Hillary Clinton, saying:

Hillary is a lawyer, but she acts like the law doesn’t apply to her. What we know about her scandals is bad, what we don’t know may be worse. Why did Bill’s speaking fees skyrocket as soon as she became secretary of state? Why did donors to the Clinton Foundation receive favorable treatment from the state department? Deception and dishonesty are all second nature to Hillary.

As the first female elected attorney general of Arkansas, Rutledge stated she had broken a glass ceiling and know’s the importance of doing so. However, she also said “a historical milestone need not come at the expense of America. Unlike Hillary, Donald Trump knows that women, and men are not single issue voters.”