Chris Brown Police Standoff & Gun Allegation: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Chris Brown

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Los Angeles police arrested singer Chris Brown after a beauty queen named Baylee Curran called 911 to report that he allegedly threatened her with a gun.

Brown was holed up in the home in a legal standoff with police for hours. Brown was eventually arrested in the incident.

The Los Angeles Times said police expected the standoff to be “long and protracted” and were waiting for Brown’s attorney, Mark Geragos, before entering the Tarzana mansion. Then, Geragos was reportedly at the scene, with Brown’s “surrender” expected soon:

The Los Angeles Times reported that police received a call from the Tarzana home at about 3 a.m. on Tuesday.

TMZ identified Chris Brown’s accuser as Baylee Curran. See videos of her here. However, Brown’s attorney, Mark Geragos, claims that Curran “fabricated” the incident and that Brown is innocent.

Brown, of course, was famously accused of beating up the singer, Rihanna.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Brown Responded on Instagram by Unleashing Commentary Against the Police & His Lawyer Denies the Accusations

Brown unleashed a response in a series of Instagram videos in which he expressed anger at the accusations, denying he’d done anything wrong (warning: graphic language). He referred to Black Lives Matter in one of the videos and told the police to “f-ck” off, calling them “idiots.”

Brown’s Lawyer, Mark Geragos, later said that police “did not find guns or drugs during a search of singer Chris Brown’s mansion.” Geragos claimed the incident was “fabricated” because the accuser was asked to leave the property, said The Associated Press. Geragos also said that police did not find a diamond necklace described by Curran, said The New York Daily News.

“I’m sitting here withering away… it’s the end of the room. I don’t give a f-ck. I’m not running from politics… what I do care about is you’re defacing my name, my character, and my integrity,” he says in one expletive-laden video. “I’m tired.” He said it was “something I didn’t do. F-ck this fame sh-t…”

In another video, he unleashed a stream of obscenities toward the police.

“Barricaded myself in my house. Have you seen my house? I’m going to barricade myself in a palace. I’m not coming out – for what? I ain’t did sh-t. I ain’t going to do sh-t. And It’s always going to be f-ck the police. Black Lives Matter (n-word). I don’t care, you’re all going to stop playing with me like I’m the villain out here…Good luck, when you get the warrant or whatever you need to do, you’re going to walk up in here and you gonna see nothing.” He called the police “idiots” and said “I’m tired of dealing with you all.” He said the police were the “worst gang in the world. All this news sh-t, all you’re doing is giving me better publicity.”

“F-ck you,” he says in the video.

The Los Angeles Times reports that police were told to get a search warrant when they tried to enter the home, so they are seeking one.

TMZ said the SWAT team was going to the home.

2. Ray J Was Among the Brown Friends in the Home at the Time, Reports Say & Curran Claimed on Instagram That She Had a Gun Put to Her Head

Curran posted a video response on Instagram, in which she said, “Do you all honestly think I wanted this and I caused this. If somebody put a gun to your head, what would you? Call the police?” Watch:

The musician Ray J was among those in the home with Chris Brown when the incident allegedly occurred, reports TMZ.

Police handcuffed Ray J and seized his BMW, said TMZ. Ray J later posted a video on Instagram defending Brown:

Fox News quoted police as saying, “We have detectives that are at Chris Brown’s residence and we do have a (Police Intelligence Operations) to gather more information,” adding that the investigation was being led by the Robbery-Homicide Division.

3. Curran Was an ‘Uninvited Guest’ Asked to Leave, Reports Say & She Is a Beauty Queen

According to TMZ, Curran was one of two uninvited guests asked to leave the home. According to IMDB, Baylee Curran is an “on screen actress, model, red carpet host, and former Miss California Regional.”

Curran is wanted for questioning in New York for allegedly taking a Michael Kors wallet from a Louis Vuitton purse, said KABC.

The site says she starred in “Cold Blooded,” “The Prodigal Son,” and the International Hair Commercial for Moehair. “She is on billboards in every country including the Middle East and Europe. Baylee currently holds the title of 2016 Miss California USA Ambassador and also Egypt’s 2016 Miss Love and Peace,” says IMDB.

Curran’s Twitter page says she is, “French, Italian, Irish, German international Model and Actress. Miss Los Angeles County USA 3rd runner up.”

Curran called 911 and “requested help,” said ABC 7, which reported that police could be seen outside the Tarzana mansion.

4. There Were no Injuries or Arrests & Brown Is Off Probation

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CBS Local says a woman was taken out of the house in a squad car, but no injuries or arrests were reported as the investigation continued.

The New York Daily News said Brown, 27, “seemed to be on a new track after becoming a dad to his toddler daughter Royalty,” noting that he “has a prior felony for beating up former girlfriend Rihanna in a rented Lamborghini in 2009.”

However, his probation concluded in the Rihanna case last year after he completed 1,000 hour of community service, said The New York Daily News.

5. Police Are Investigating the Incident as an Assault, Police Say & Curran Was Stripped of Her Pageant Crown

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The New York Daily News quoted a police source as saying, “It’s an assault with a deadly weapon (investigation).”

In May, Brown was accused of stomping on a fan’s head at a nightclub appearances at the Cannes Film Festival, but he denied it, said UK Mirror.

KABC says Curran won the 2016 Miss California Regional State Pageant but “was stripped of that title by the organization for breach of contract. The organization said there were also allegations that she threatened other contestants, skipped out on community service and took racy photos.”