Jill Stein’s Best Live Tweets & Responses During the Presidential Debate



Dr. Jill Stein, the presidential nominee for the Green party, shared some insightful and no-holds-barred live tweets during the first presidential debate. Stein provided her own livestreamed answers to every question asked during the debate, with tweets to accompany her responses. The debate would have been completely different and quite compelling if Stein had been allowed to participate. This is what bothers many of her supporters the most: if only more people could hear Stein speak and share her plans for the presidency, they might turn from supporting Trump or Clinton and instead vote for Stein.

Here are Jill Stein’s best live tweets during the first presidential debate.

When Donald Trump was discussing the 33,000 emails of Hillary Clinton’s that haven’t yet been seen, Stein tweeted:

But Clinton responded with talk about Trump’s tax returns. Stein tweeted:

She then addressed just some of the issues she has with both candidates. She doesn’t think either candidate is a good choice for America.

She spoke out against Trump’s support of New York’s former stop-and-frisk policy, which was highly controversial:

And she addressed income inequality:

While Trump and Clinton spoke about reform in prisons, Stein had another idea:

She also called out the candidates for discussing the birther issue at all:

While both Clinton and Trump talked about the environment, Stein had a word for the candidates:

The bottom line, she emphasized: neither one will help the environment.

Clinton talked about building relationships with communities and Trump discussed implementing stronger law and order. Here was Stein’s idea:

She also addressed the cyberwarfare question. In the past, Stein has said she would pardon Edward Snowden and put him on her cabinet:

They talked about destroying ISIS, but Stein had harsh words about the candidates’ ideas and both parties’ tactics:

As they talked about policing the world and the United States’ foreign policy, Stein addressed the country’s habit of supplying weapons to the Middle East:

Stein had some unique views on the questions asked in the debate, and she was able to often turn the questions around to point to the real issues. The debates would have been very different, and quite fascinating, if Stein had been allowed to take part in them. She’s still pushing to be allowed in a future debate.

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