SpaceX Explosion: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

spacex explosion

Explosion at SpaceX launch pad. (Twitter/Frank Jakubetz)

An explosion happened at a SpaceX launch pad today, shaking nearby buildings. It happened with the rocket that was set to launch the Amos-6 satellite later this week. Early reports said there were no injuries.

Here’s what you need to know.

1. The Amos-6 Satellite Was Aboard the Falcon 9 When the Explosion Happened

The explosion happened this morning on the SpaceX launch pad in Cape Canaveral, Florida, RT reported. It’s not yet known what caused the explosion. CBS News reported that there were no injuries, according to the 45th Space Wing.

But Chris B, Managing Editor of NASA SpaceFlight Magazine, reported that SpaceX had confirmed the Amos-6 satellite was on board and lost in the explosion:

2. A SpaceX Booster Rocket May Have Exploded on the Launch Pad, According to Early Reports

Early reports are that it was a SpaceX booster rocket that exploded on the SLC-40 launch pad, RT reported. SpaceX has not yet said what happened.

On Twitter, Chris B, NasaSpaceFlight Managing Editor, reported that Cape Canaveral workers were saying the explosion was connected to the Falcon 9, which was supposed to launch the Amos-6.

3. There Was No Launch Today; SpaceX’s Next Launch Is Scheduled for September 3

This didn’t happen during a launch, RT reported. It appears, however, that a static fire was scheduled for today. These are test firings of core stage engines. SpaceX does have a launch scheduled for Saturday, Sept. 3.

4. The Falcon 9 Was Scheduled to Carry an Israeli Communications Satellite Into Orbit

On Saturday, SpaceX is scheduled to launch a Falcon 9 rocket. It will carry Amos-6, an Israeli communications satellite, into orbit, RT reported. According to Tech Crunch, the satellite’s functions include helping Facebook “spot-beam” broadband. The explosion caused the launch pad to catch fire.

5. People Are Sharing Photos and Videos on Social Media

Buildings nearby were shaken by the explosion, causing people to wonder what happened. When they saw the thick, black smoke rising in the distance, they began taking pictures and videos and sharing on social media, trying to figure out what happened. See videos of the explosion in our story below: