Tulsa McClain High School Football Game Shooting: Photos & Video

A 9th grade student from Tulsa McClain High School allegedly shot an 8th grade student during a football game on September 2, the school confirmed, according to Fox 23.

“The victim was transported to the hospital by EMSA and is in good condition at this time,” the statement said. The boy was shot in the temple, said The New York Daily News.

Tulsa World described the scene as “chaotic” as people tried to leave.

A fight broke out between two groups of people, and derogatory words were exchanged in the final minutes of the game before shots were fired, according to Tulsa World, which added that the suspect was arrested.

Police said the suspect and victim were both juveniles, said KJRH.

“Nightmare of nightmares happening,” wrote one person on social media:

Another woman wrote on social media, “Yeah so that just happened…thankfully on the other side of the stadium. One teen is shot…pray for him and for all victims of violence. Invest in People!” Another woman wrote, “My sister and my baby niece were at this game tonight and she’s pretty shaken up by it. Praying for all involved here..”

One woman said her daughter hit her head after suffering a panic attack because of the shooting:

Another woman wrote that her daughter “is a teacher here and I was afraid she was at the game…so here at 10:00 I call to make sure she is safe…..Guess ya never get over being a mama and worrying about your kids ….”

Local news reports showed law enforcement rushing to the scene. KTUL said it wasn’t clear where the shot were fired.

Local television reporters went live from the scene on Facebook:

Fox23 said one teenager was transported to an area hospital. His condition was not known, but he was awake at the time, said the television station. The Facebook Live report from Fox 23 said a second person was also transported.

Police were looking for a suspect:

Lake Country News said that gunfire near the field had ended the game. Sequoyah won the game 33-12, said Lake Country News.

Students were told to evacuate, local news reports said.