How Many Times Has Chris Wallace Been Married?

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Chris Wallace, the moderator of the third and final presidential debate, has been married two times.

His first wife was Elizabeth Farrell, whom he married in 1973 and later divorced.

Wallace has been married to his second wife, Lorraine Smothers from 1997 to present. Lorraine Smothers is a celebrity chef who has written a series of cookbooks. They are known as Mr. and Mrs. Sunday, and Lorraine’s specialty is soup.

Wallace is the first Fox News anchor to moderate a presidential debate.

Chris Wallace and Elizabeth Farrell have four children: Peter, Megan, Andrew, and Catherine. Chris Wallace also has two stepchildren with Lorraine. CBN says the couple “blended their family together.”

Little is known about Elizabeth Farrell, who is not high profile in the news.

Peter is named after Wallace’s older brother, Peter Wallace, who died in a mountain climbing accident in Greece in 1961.

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Peter Wallace. (Facebook)

According to the New York Times, Peter Farrell Wallace married Jennifer Breheny, who was an associate producer for 60 Minutes.

Bloomberg says “Mr. Peter Farrell Wallace serves as a Senior Managing Director of The Blackstone Group, Private Equity Group.”

Chris Wallace’ father, Mike Wallace, was a legendary correspondent for 60 Minutes. The bride’s father was described as a consultant for Exxon Mobil by The New York Times. Peter Wallace was described as a private equity investor in New York. Mike Wallace had set them up on a blind date, the newspaper said.

Chris Wallace and Mike Wallace had a distant relationship during Chris’ childhood and teenage years because Mike Wallace had divorced his first wife, Chris’ Mother, and lived in different cities. However, Chris Wallace released a moving statement when his father died, explaining that in more recent years they had become close.

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