Kenneth Bone: The Debate Tweets You Need to See

Kenneth Bone, one of the audience members who asked a question at the second presidential debate, became a Twitter trend in the moments after it. Some even want him to run for president.

Bone was the cuddly guy with the comfortable looking red sweater who asked a question about America’s energy needs. But it wasn’t Bone’s question that turned the every man questioner into a “thing” on Twitter. It was his sweater. His inherent decency at the debate compared to the nastiness on stage. Maybe his name.

One person on Instagram declared: “Kenneth Bone is a national treasure.”

In case you missed the big moment:

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Bone was described as an “uncommitted voter” on the television screen.

His question was pretty…. typical. Bone wanted to know of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, “What steps will your energy policy take to meet our energy needs while at the same time remaining environmentally friendly and minimizing job loss for fossil power plant workers?”

Some people want Kenneth Bone to run for president. After all, the two on stage were trashing each other, and talking about devils and tapes and stuff like that, while Bone was keeping the conversation lofty and focused on the issues. Like our energy needs. The New York Times says Bone is a coal plant operator from Illinois. Even Snoop Dogg wanted to hang out with him.

But just wait.

More recently, old Reddit comments Bone wrote were unearthed in which he opines on everything from porn to Trayvon Martin, saying the Martin shooting was “justified” although he thinks George Zimmerman was a “bad guy.”

However, in the moments after the debate, the Twitterverse was enthralled by Ken Bone.

Bone was becoming a legend.

People were already making or seeking Kenneth Bone T-shirts.

2020 isn’t that far away, right?

Bone went on CNN Monday morning and explained more about himself and his fashion choices. He was wearing – you guessed it – the same red sweater. According to The New York Daily News, he told CNN he meant to wear a nice “olive suit” but split his pants getting into his car that morning. He is leaning toward Trump, said the Daily News.

If you want to look like Kenneth Bone, here’s how:

Some people thought Twitter should stop picking on Kenneth Bone.

However, not all of the Twitter comments on Bone were negative. Some praised the substantive nature of his question.

Kenneth Bone struck a chord because he was a breath of decency in a sea of nastiness and recrimination.

Many pictures captured Bone.

Some noted Bone was snapping photos on stage. With a disposable camera! Twitter was basically stalking poor Kenneth Bone (there’s no word as to what he thinks of all of this.)

Bone’s distinctive red sweater was a point of much discussion, with some saying he needed to start a collection. Trump sells red ties. Why can’t Bone sell red sweaters?

Others said they might go as Kenneth Bone for Halloween.

Others thought Bone won the debate. Depending on your perspective, that might not have been hard to do, as the candidates – again – contentiously went at each other, even refusing to shake hands at the onset. In fairness, they also talked about substantial issues like Russia and ISIS.

Poor Kenneth Bone.

Some people would love to see Kenneth Bone in a movie.

Bone quickly became a meme.

Some thought they had seen him before – maybe in Toy Story!

Others didn’t get it. At all.

Kenneth Bone, take consolation. You weren’t the only audience member to land on Twitter.

Ken Bone Halloween costume ideas:

See more Kenneth Bone memes:

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