LIVE STREAM: Watch Julian Assange Discuss WikiLeaks in Possible Proof of Life Video

A video has surfaced showing Julian Assange speaking at a conference called Conferencia Internacional De Software Libre. In the video, Assange speaks about his Internet being cut and other recent WikiLeaks current events. However, you cannot see him on the video but only hear his voice.

Viewers are wondering if this is the proof of life they’ve been wanting to see. Some are saying that this video is a fake, like others that purportedly showed proof of life, and it wasn’t really being live streamed. Others believed that since you can hear Assange talking about current events, it’s proof that he is fine.

On Reddit, commenter tesseractum said about the video: “Obviously, voice can be altered and faked. But his dialect, mannerisms, his random sentence pausing, everything. It sounds like Assange. It’s not old recordings because he’s discussing current events (including losing internet). It’s not proof, no. But this sounds like him. It sounds exactly like him.”

You can rewind the video to watch all his comments and decide for yourself if this is proof of life.

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