Mike Pence Calls Longwood University ‘Norwood’ During Debate Opening

During the opening for the Vice Presidential debate, Mike Pence was heard calling Longwood University as “Norwood.” The debate, between Pence and Tim Kaine, is being held at Longwood University in Farmville, Virginia.

“Thank you to Norwood University for their wonderful hospitality,” Pence said at the beginning of the debate. The comment now has “Norwood University” trending on Twitter instead of Longwood University.

By the way, there isn’t a Norwood University, but there is a Northwood University in Michigan.

The gaffe was picked up by plenty of Twitter followers. Even a member of Hillary Clinton’s team, Brian Fallon, picked up on the error.

Fallon’s joke was a reference to the late Admiral James Stockdale, Ross Perot’s running mate in the 1992 election.

Here are other Twitter reactions to Pence’s error:

Someone brought up Ryan Lochte:

Captain Obvious made an appearance:

Media outlets are now “fact checking” Pence on the location of the debate.

One student who went to Longwood joked that she needs her degree reprinted.

One Twitter user quickly created Norwood University Twitter page.

Many have also brought up jokes about Norwood University and Trump University.