Gatlinburg Fire Pictures: The Photo Memories You Need to See

The Gatlinburg fire has caused devastation throughout Sevier County, Tennessee, ripping through a majestic area that is nostalgic to many people.

The fires killed three, destroyed businesses and homes, and turned the resort towns into hellish scenes.

People took to Twitter to share some of their fondest memories of Gatlinburg through photos and memories. WGN-TV described Gatlinburg as a “a popular tourist gateway to Great Smoky Mountains National Park.” Many people have childhood memories that are associated with Gatlinburg, making the scenes of damage that much harder to bear.

Of course, for those missing or who lost loved ones or whose homes and properties were destroyed, the devastation and harm is far greater than simply emotional loss.

The scenes are grim:

However, many people have nostalgic memories of a different Gatlinburg. People described their emotional ties to the area, helping capture the magnitude of loss and humanizing the landscape:

Many people described Gatlinburg as one of their favorite spots, and their evocative photos from the past now capture what is gone.

Other people said they or family members had honeymoons or other significant events in Gatlinburg.

Many photos captured the quaint charm of the area before the fires.

People posted collages of their favorite moments in the resort area. They said the area was one of their favorite places to go, especially because of its natural beauty.

People described the friendliness of the people in the area.

Many people posted photos of memories created with their children or families.

Read about the Bible verse found near the fires here:


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My heart goes out to the people of Gatlinburg. My family and I have been vacationing there for over 60 yrs. My oldest daughter was married in Pigeon Forge. It is one of the most beautiful places I’ve seen. Prayers for all that lost their homes and belongings. And to the people that have lost their lives and the ones that have been injured my heartfelt sorrow.


I always look on the bright side of these situations. Didn’t happen to my home.

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