WATCH: Louisville, Kentucky Woman Goes on Racist Rant at Mall JCPenney

A woman went on a racist rant against a Hispanic shopper at a JCPenney store in a Louisville, Kentucky mall that was filmed on video.

You can watch above, but be aware that some of the language is disturbing. The video was widely circulated on social media.

Raw Story says the Kentucky mall now plans to permanently ban the woman making the taunts. During the video, other shoppers did not defend the Hispanic woman who was being taunted.

In it, the unidentified shopper says things like, “I don’t care if everybody hears me. I think everybody here probably feels the same d-mn way I do… Go back to wherever the f-ck you come from lady…tell them to go back where they belong. If they come here to live, then act like everyone else. Get to the back of the line like everybody else does and be somebody… You’re a nobody. Just because you come from another country, it doesn’t make you nobody… you’re probably on welfare. The taxpayers probably pay for all that stuff…we probably paid for every bit of that stuff…Speak English. You’re in America. If you don’t know it, learn it.”

It’s not clear from the video what set the woman off. Renee Buckner, who posted the viral Facebook video, said that the woman was angry because she believed a Spanish-speaking woman had cut in line by adding a few extra items to the cart of the Hispanic woman who was already in the line.

jefferson mall video

A scene from the Facebook video of the incident. (Facebook/Renee Buckner)

Buckner wrote on Facebook, “I had to get back on FB, to expose this racism in America/Louisville. If we ignore it, it will never go away….smh this is what America has come to, openly and proud to be a racist. Storyline: This Hispanic lady was purchasing items and the transaction was almost complete, then her friend brings up some shirts to be added to her purchase instead of getting in line. And this lady went off!!! Warning explicit language FYI…this wasn’t the entire scene, people tried to let her know it was out of order, but she wasn’t hearing that. #exposingTheRacism #louisvilleKy #prayForAmerica.”

The unidentified woman launched into the tirade while holding a package and standing behind another woman in line, who didn’t respond to her taunts during the video.

Jefferson Mall wrote on Facebook, “We are aware of the video posted online today from one of the department stores. Jefferson Mall strives to create a comfortable and convenient experience for all of our guests and we absolutely do not condone this type of behavior. We will work to identify this woman, and once identified, she will be permanently banned from Jefferson Mall, per our Behavioral Code of Conduct.”

On the comment thread, many people said the store employees should have done more at the time.

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