Is Meijer Open on Christmas Day 2016?

The Meijer grocery store chain throughout the Midwest is closed on Christmas Day.

Normal hours will resume on December 26, and Meijer pharmacies are also closed.

Meijer wrote on Facebook:

“Heads up about holiday hours: Meijer stores and gas stations will close at 7pm on Christmas Eve and reopen at 6am Friday, Dec. 26. Meijer Pharmacies will close at 5pm Christmas Eve and return to regular hours on Dec. 26. Pharmacies will close at 7pm New Year’s Eve and be open 10am-6pm on New Year’s Day.”

In fact, Christmas Day is generally the only day that Meijer stores are closed. You should check with your local store, of course, to be sure, but it’s highly unlikely that you will find a Meijer store open on Christmas Day.

Meijer is a grocery store chain that is found in Grocery store chain in Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Kentucky and Wisconsin. It generally has department store as well as grocery store items, a pharmacy and gas station.

If you are in Wisconsin, unfortunately, the other major grocery store in that state, Pick ‘n Save, is also closed on Christmas Day. However, you should be able to find a local Walgreen’s open on Christmas Day.

The Meijer chain’s first store was opened in Michigan in 1934. A store history says, “In the midst of the Great Depression, a modest local barber in Greenville, Mich. had a need and saw an opportunity. In an effort to take care of the customers who visited his barbershop, Hendrik Meijer purchased $338.76 worth of merchandise on credit. Together, with his 14-year-old son, Fred, they opened Meijer’s Grocery.”

Here’s more information on Pick ‘n Save openings and closings:

Here’s more information on Walgreen’s openings and closings:

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