Safeway Hours on New Year’s Eve 2016 & New Year’s Day 2017

safeway christmas hours

Safeway New Year’s hours (Getty)

The New Year is almost here! But that also means you might have quite a few things to get done, like buying last-minute ingredients for recipes or putting together some appetizers for your New Year’s party. Unfortunately, your options are pretty limited today. Is Safeway one of the stores that’s open this year?

Yes, most Safeway stores are open on New Year’s Eve. Most of them will be open on New Year’s Day too! However, there are sometimes a few locations that may choose to close or limit their store hours. To know for certain, you should call your local Safeway and check on their hours.

Christmas is the only holiday of the year where Safeway stores are consistently closed.

By the way, if you happen to be reading this in Canada, Safeway stores are typically open on New Year’s Day there too.

If you do plan on shopping at Safeway, don’t wait too long. The shelves can get pretty cleared out for New Year’s in some locations:

And customers are already having interesting New Year’s experiences at Safeway:

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