California Weather: Storm ‘Lucifer’ Memes, Jokes & GIFs

California storm “Lucifer” was causing serious problems – and at least one death – as it began to rampage throughout the state. Those things are obviously somber stories.

However, that didn’t stop people from trying to lighten the rest of the burden with memes and jokes on social media. The hashtags #LArain and #CAStorm trended on Twitter.

This guy was exaggerating. A little bit.

So much for that drought.

According to one meteorologist, the mammoth storm – also known as a “weather bomb” or “bombogenesis” – was expected to dump 10 TRILLION gallows of water on the state over the weekend.

For most people, the storm trapped them in their homes or, if they were unlucky, in their cars on flooded freeways. In the more serious cases, a man died after being electrocuted, people were injured, and trees fell on rooftops. All of that is completely humorless.

However, lots of people were stuck in apartments with time on their hands and fingers on keyboards (despite the fact that thousands of people had lost power on February 17.) For most people, it could be worse – right?

You just knew someone would go political!

We think this was supposed to be a joke. Of course, it’s California.

The California storm was a great excuse. To eat pizza.

Or ice cream.

You know, you can dream. But Rihanna isn’t in your apartment. And neither is her flask.

Yeah, the umbrella might not be a good idea.


Not really.

Yeah, don’t.

Even animals were pretty freaked out.


We’re not sure if this is real.

Read more about the California storm here:

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