Norma McCorvey ‘Jane Roe’ Pro Life Quotes on Abortion

norma mccorvey

Norma McCorvey. (Getty)

Norma McCorvey, the plaintiff in the Roe v. Wade case before the U.S. Supreme Court, was against abortion later in life.

McCorvey became a symbol of the pro-life movement in later years, just as she was symbolic of a woman’s right to choose in her 20s.

McCorvey died of heart failure at the age of 69 on February 18.

Here are some of her most famous quotations:

On Abortion Being a ‘Holocaust’

McCorvey became so fervently anti abortion that she labeled it a holocaust. She returned to this theme more than one time during her life:

Father God, we just ask You to open Your wide, wide arms and look down upon us, Lord, and lead us, and let us know what we should do to stop this, this terrible, terrible holocaust.

The holocaust against the unborn is the greatest sin they could ever do or even ever participate in.

On Being ‘Jane Roe’ & Roe v. Wade

McCorvey used the pseudonym “Jane Roe” in the famous court case, but later was publicly open about her role in it.

I was the Jane Roe of Roe vs. Wade, but Jane Roe has been laid to rest.

I used the name Jane Roe because I didn’t want my personal name to be involved in it.

She also famously said:

I didn’t know during the Roe v. Wade case that the life of a human being was terminated.

In a court affidavit in 2000, she wrote:

Virtually the entire basis for Roe v. Wade was built upon false assumptions. No meaningful trial to determine the real facts was ever held…we obtained a decision in Roe v. Wade based upon what abortion advocates wanted women to be able to do, not what women were truly capable of.

She was critical of the way the legal action unfolded.

They said yes, ‘You’re white. You’re young, pregnant, and you want an abortion.’ At that time, I didn’t know their full intent. Only that they wanted to make abortion legal and they thought I’d be a good plaintiff. I came for the food, and they led me to believe that they could help me get an abortion. At that time, I was a street person. I lived, worked, and panhandled out on the streets. My totally powerless circumstance made it easy for them to use me. My presence was a necessary evil. My real interests were not their concern.

On Religion & Abortion

In later years, McCorvey turned to religion. She often intermixed her comments on abortion with religious references.

It’s not your body, it’s not your choice, because you got that from God. He gave that to you.

I am serving the Lord and helping women save babies.

On Working in an Abortion Clinic & Body Parts Stacked ‘Like Cord Wood’

Norma McCorvey was quoted in the 1997 book by Thomas Nelson, Won By Love. The book quotes her as saying:

I worked in several abortion facilities over the years. In fact, I even worked at two clinics at the same time, and they were all the same with respect to the condition of the facilities and that ‘counseling’ the women receive…the most distressing room in the facility was the ‘parts room.’ Aborted babies were stored here. There were dead babies and baby parts stacked like cord wood. Some of the babies made it into buckets and others did not,….. The stench was horrible. Plastic bags full of baby parts, little tiny hands and feet visible through the jars, frozen in blood. The abortion clinic’s personnel always referred to these dismembered babies as ’tissue.’

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