Brandy Rusher: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

A former America’s Next Top Model contestant is in intensive care after being shot in Houston. Two other people were killed and three others were injured during the same attack. A search is on for the suspects who shot Brandy Rusher, 33, a finalist on season four of ANTM, according to TMZ. The gossip site says that Rusher was shot with a high-powered rifle. In total, four people were shot, two of those died. One of the deceased men has been named as Rusher’s brother, Wayne. The other has been named as Christopher Beatty. Rusher and Beatty are also related.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Rusher Was Described as Having a ‘Major Attitude Problem’ During Her Run on ‘ANTM’

Styleite when speaking about Rusher said that the former model “never did show the most graceful behavior” while on ANTM. When she arrived on the show Rusher had a “vibrant personality and a bright red afro.”

Rusher lasted until episode three of the season. One recap of her time on the show says, ” as the weeks progressed, it became apparent to everyone that Brandy had a major attitude problem.” In one incident, Rusher “verbally attacked” fellow contestant, Tatiana Dante.

Rusher said after leaving the show, “The show gave me an inside look allowing me to have a reason to strive harder. I was able to see how I was perceived and now I have a point to prove how I have changed and the areas that I have been working on.” She added, “I would control my attitude and pay more attention to other people’s feelings. I probably would have stayed more to myself and focused on the competition rather than the friendships.”

2. Rusher Was Arrested in 2010 on Charges of Resisting Arrest

Brandy Rusher Shooting

Brandy Rusher pictured on her Facebook page.

In May 2010, it was reported by ABC Houston that Rusher had been arrested in Houston on charges of resisting arrest. It was said at the time that Rusher, “pushed, shoved and cursed” at police officers who had responded to her home. Those cops had been called to Rusher’s place after neighbors reported loud music coming from the apartment. Rusher was charged with a misdemeanor. She had fled the scene and was arrested later.

3. Rusher Works as a Hair Stylist

According to recent posts on her Facebook page, Rusher has been working as a hair stylist in recent times. After leaving ANTM, Rusher studied fashion design at Houston Community College. She is a native of Houston. Rusher writes in her About section, “You know who I am… if you don’t then you shouldn’t be my friend on here.” Posts on her page indicate that she has one son born in November 2016.

Rusher’s red afro had been designed by her mother, Lawanna McKinnon. She married Rusher’s father, Gary Rusher, in March 1985.

After leaving ANTM, Rusher said of her future plans, “I am planning on finding an agent that believes in me and I am open to all types of modeling, runway, print, commercials.”

Rusher’s IMDb page says she is “an accomplished gospel/soul vocalist.”

4. She Was Brought Up in a ‘Strict Church’ That Frowned Upon Modeling

Rusher explained in a March 2005 interview that she grew up in a “strict church. Rusher says, “they looked down upon participating in such activities. Around 12 or 13 we left the church and I branched out and then decided to pursue the modeling industry. I really had never done anything like this so it was great and an answer to my prayers.”

5. A Local Pastor Told the Media of His Frustrations at the Continued Violence in Rusher’s Neighborhood

A pastor at the Sonrise Community Church in the neighborhood where the shooting took place told the Houston Chronicle that he is “frustrated” by the continued violence. The pastor, Edward Buford, pointed out a playground to the reporter and said, “We need to put money into places like this.”

ABC Houston reports that all of the victims are members of the same family. The gunfire erupted at 6:30 p.m.

The Chronicle report says that there are three suspects in the shooting. They were in a white car, before the shooting, there had been a short argument between the gunmen and the victims.