Bernie Sanders & Tom Perez Rallies: Photos & Stories from the Controversial Events

Bernie Sanders and Tom Perez were touring in a series of rallies across the nation this week. But the rallies were nothing like Bernie's rallies from when he was running for President. Instead, these rallies were full of controversy, as Bernie sought to hold himself apart as an Independent while also touring with the Democrats. In fact, during at least one rally, Perez was actually booed while Bernie received cheers and applause. The unity tour has brought back old arguments, with Clinton supporters taking to social media to refer to Bernie supporters as "Bernie bros" and as "toxic," while Bernie supporters have shot back, saying that being passionate about change is not toxic. Old comments made by Perez about the rigging of the primary, which he later took back on Twitter, have also resurfaced during the Unity Tour. Is the tour just uncovering old wounds or did it do any good any bringing Democrats back together? Click through the gallery to see photos from some of Bernie and Perez's rallies, and learn more about the controversy. Then let us know in the comments below: Do you think Bernie should have toured with Perez? (Getty)