Bow Wow Challenge: The Best & Funniest Posts

Rapper Bow Wow in 2015. (Getty)

Stop if you’ve heard this one before: A new trend has taken over social media.

Only this time, it involves rapper Bow Wow, whose real name is Shad Moss.

Dubbed the “Bow Wow Challenge,” some on various social media platforms are showing their faux luxury lifestyle in the Bow Wow way.

The objective of the Bow Wow Challenge is to take a photo that gives your followers the impression that you’re living a life of luxury. That means cropping a photo or using whatever filters you need to show your rich-and-famous lifestyle. But that’s not actually the case, and a full-framed original image accompanies the fake one.

The humor in the Bow Wow Challenge is the fact the photo is taken extremely out of context.

The social media joke and challenge started May 8 after Bow Wow posted a picture to his Instagram of a private jet he claimed he was about to board on his way to New York City.

While that doesn’t seem all that out of the ordinary for a celebrity, it was later determined that the picture wasn’t an original one. A Google image search of the picture leads to MIA VIP Transportation‘s website in Florida.

That later appeared to be confirmed by Twitter user Al_Khee, who tweeted out a side-by-side image showing Bow Wow on a commercial flight instead of the private jet he said he was on.


After news of the fraudulent Bow Wow post spread like wildfire on social media, many decided to have fun with it and used the hashtag #BowWowChallenge to show off their “swag.” Some faked dream vacations or fancy cars and jewelry while other bragged about their stacked bank accounts. Of course, none of that was actually true.

Here are some of the best submissions so far to the Bow Wow Challenge:

One User Showed Off His Lamborghini, Which Is Actually a Model Car

A LeBron-Style Dunk Attempt Turned Into One on a Nerf Hoop

A Fancy Meal Turned Out to Be a Picture In a Magazine

IGN Claimed They Finished In 1st Place In Mario Kart, But It was Actually 12th

A Bank Account Proved Someone Wasn’t Poor, But It was Actually From the App Store

Milwaukee Bucks Mascot Bango Showed Him on a Private Jet to NYC With Bow Wow

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