Report: Sean Spicer Hid In Bushes After James Comey Firing

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer (Getty)

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer was in shock after President Donald Trump fired FBI Director James Comey on Monday, a report says.

According to The Washington Post, staff at the White House scrambled to provide answers as to why Comey was fired to reporters.

Tuesday evening, Spicer had trouble coming up with a proper answer and stumbled over his words when speaking to members of the press.

Newsweek reported that Spicer had initially planned to send out an official statement on Comey’s termination in the evening, but the email server wasn’t working well. So Spicer reportedly went to his door and “yelled the news to the journalists gathered there” before shutting the door.

About 10 minutes after doing so, Spicer released the statement to his Twitter before “all hell broke loose,” Newsweek wrote.

Spicer was supposed to talk to the media about the termination of Comey, but then aides said plans changed. He appeared on Fox News Channel with Lou Dobbs instead outside of the White House.

In the interview with Dobbs, Spicer misspoke at times and stuttered over his words. One time in the interview, he said that the “attorney general” was the one who was terminated before correcting himself.

After the interview with Fox News, Spicer appeared in front of media members, but not before spending “several minutes hidden in the bushes,” The Post reported.

While he was doing so, his assistants were negotiating with reporters on the terms of the briefing, which lasted about 10 minutes, had the lights off, and was requested not to be recorded.

Spicer reportedly stood between a “clump of bushes” near the White House and then moved next to a tall hedge while conversing with his staff before emerging and answering a few questions from the press.

News that Spicer “hid” in the bushes understandably shook the internet, which is typically quick to offer up some memes. This incident was no different.

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