WATCH: Disrespectful Student Swears, Goes Into Tirade Against Asian Teacher


School may be close to being dismissed for the summer, but that didn’t stop a white high school student from verbally assaulting his Asian teacher during a class.

A video of the student going on a profanity-laced tirade against his teacher has raised plenty of eyebrows and has gone viral.

At the start of the video, the student, later identified as Gideon Yapp, is seen at the doorway with his physics teacher, Dr. Franklin Hsu, in what appears to be a science classroom. Yapp, who appeared to be leaving, re-enters the room and begins screaming in the teacher’s face. He steps up and approaches him as the teacher requests for him to sit down.

Then, Yapp tells his teacher to sit down himself and asks him, “who the f*** do you think you are?” He approaches the teacher again at his desk and screams into his face, calling him a “b****” before telling him to “shut his f***ing mouth.”

The teacher shows much restraint from the disrespectful student and waits for him to leave.

On his way out of the classroom, Yapp removes an object from a faucet and throws it at the teacher before kicking a trash can, pouring it out and leaving while saying what sounds like the n-word.

Watch the full video below. But be warned, the student uses a lot of profanity.

Note: The original video was removed from Twitter, but click here for a mirror.

The video was originally posted to Twitter by user Morgan Harvill with the caption: “Disrespect like this is wrong no matter what. I hate disrespectful ass people.”

The incident took place at Eastside High School in Lancaster, California.

Eastside Principal Kriten Tepper released a statement following the video going viral, saying that they were taking the situation “very seriously.”

We take this type of situation very seriously. Our teachers’ safety is of the utmost importance to us. The incident has been investigated and appropriate action by school administration has been taken

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