WATCH: Bear Playing Piano Video in Vail, Colorado

bear playing piano


A surveillance video captured the bizarre sight of a bear breaking into a family’s home in Vail, Colorado and playing the piano. Watch:

Here’s another view of the bear wandering around the house.

According to Inside Edition, the family at first thought that their house was burglarized by human beings. However, they looked at their surveillance video and discovered the intruder was a black bear.

In the video, the bear creeps into the family’s home and then briefly appears to be playing the piano.

“I’m like, ‘Oh my gosh, there’s the bear,’ and then all of a sudden, it jumps over the railing and is over here and on the piano and I’m like, ‘Oh my gosh.’” It was crazy — I was shocked,” the homeowner’s 21-year-old daughter told Inside Edition.

The video shows the bear peering out a window (that might really be why it was on the piano), and it also captured the bear strutting around the living room.

The family’s bear playing a piano video has since gone viral on social media. Everyone loves a cute animal – or in this case a bear playing a piano – story, so news reporters flocked to the scene.

The curious bear was a welcome distraction for some from negative news stories. One man wrote on Twitter, “Tell you what instead of bizarre hot takes on draft picks let’s discuss that video of the bear breaking into the house and playing the piano.”

Another man wrote, “The bear was playing the piano. I only wish I could play the piano. Makes me feel inferior.”

Vail police actually released a news release about the bear playing a piano. “The chords captured on video were unbearable and the tune was equally grizzly, according to police,” the release said, according to ABC 7.

The homeowner, Katie Hawley, initially called police because she thought the house was burglarized. However, when officers looked around, they realized that the bear had broken into the dwelling to forage for food, the television station reported.

The incorrigible animal also took food from the family’s freezer, ABC 7 reported.