Bill Cosby Memes: See Memes & GIFS Following Cosby Mistrial

bill cosby memes


Bill Cosby’s jury has hung, and the judge declared a mistrial, sparking anger on social media.

Sexual assault is no joking matter, obviously. That didn’t stop the meme writers from going into overdrive.

Cosby’s trial ended in mistrial after jurors revealed to the judge on June 17 that they were hopelessly deadlocked over the accusations lodged against Cosby by Andrea Constand and the State of Pennsylvania.

Constand is a former Temple University employee who once considered Cosby a mentor.

Some people took to Twitter to mock the mistrial and jury. Others mocked Cosby. Some expressed anger at the criminal justice system and said they had lost faith in it. Many wrote that they feel women are revictimized in court when they make sexual assault accusations.

Cosby has been hit with a parade of more than 40 allegations from women. However, Constand’s allegations were the first to go to trial.

The 79-year-old once beloved comedian could have faced life in prison if he had been convicted on the three counts because of his advanced age.

Cosby may not be out of the woods yet. He faces a slew of civil allegations and prosecutors could opt to retry him on the Constand allegations. A previous District Attorney had passed on charging the case years ago.

Some people drew comparisons between the reaction to the Cosby mistrial and the not guilty verdict in the trial of the officer who shot Philando Castile in Minnesota.

Constand had alleged that Cosby sexually assaulted her at his home after giving her blue pills to help her relax. She felt woozy, and, she and prosecutors say she was unable to give consent and did not. Bill Cosby and his defense team said that Cosby was innocent because the sexual contact was consensual.

Cosby had admitted in a previous civil deposition that he gave pills to Constand and had sexual contact with her.

The comedian’s trial lasted six days. He was accompanied to court on the final day of the trial by his long-suffering wife, Camille Cosby.

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