WATCH: Skateboarder ‘Riot’ Videos Against Police in San Francisco

skateboarder riot

Twitter A scene from one of the videos posted on Twitter of the skateboarder 'riot.'

Skateboarders squared off with police in riot gear in San Francisco, California on July 11. Police said an officer was attacked, but skateboarders said on Twitter that a skateboarder had been struck by a squad car.

Videos showed skateboarders whizzing past police in riot gear. Kron4 called it a “mob incident” at Dolores Park.

One video showed a skateboarder flipping over a cop car.

It’s not the first time there was a “skateboarder riot” in California. In 2012, NBC LosAngeles reported that police in riot gear were called out after skateboarders, angry about not getting into a movie, “ran amok through Hollywood.”

The Dolores Park videos showed skateboarders milling around.

NBC called it a skateboarder “rally” that turned into a standoff.

Police alleged that an officer was attacked by a skateboarder, according to Kron 4. The television station reported that police first reported to the park after receiving a call “about skateboarders holding on to cars to get up the hill and then skate down.”

Kron4 reported that police were struck with projectiles, one officer was in the hospital, a car was vandalized, and the public was asked to steer clear of the park.

One woman wrote on Twitter: “Skateboard comp becomes standoff between hundreds of skaters and hundreds of police at Dolores park.”

San Francisco police posted a map of the area on Twitter and urged people to avoid the park and expect traffic delays as they dealt with the crowds.

Police made the request shortly after 8 p.m. in California.

Accounts on social media painted a different perspective and focused on a report that a skateboarder had fallen as seen in one of the above videos.

A man wrote on Twitter: “Mod forming at #Dolores park #SF people chanting “f*ck the police” … Scene starting to get chaotic.”

Some people mocked the situation on Twitter, and others said it was insane at the scene.

On social media, people alleged that police had driven into a skateboarder.

Police had not yet responded to that account.

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