Graphic Video Shows Barcelona Terror Attack Victims

barcelona terror attack victims

Facebook/Allberth Salcer The aftermath of the Spain terrorist attack in Barcelona.

Extremely graphic and disturbing videos have been published on Facebook showing the victims and immediate aftermath of the Barcelona terror attack, which may have killed as many as 13 people and injured as many as 100.

A van drove into a crowd on a sidewalk in Las Ramblas, a promenade in Barcelona, Spain that is popular with tourists, on August 17. There were then reports that gunmen, possibly the same terrorists, were holed up in Luna d’Istanbul, a Turkish restaurant in Barcelona. That wasn’t the end of it. Spanish police now say that five other terrorists may be dead in a possible second attack in Cambrils. In Barcelona, police say there may have been at least three attackers.

Be aware that the graphic videos are troubling to watch. They show people lying on bloodied sidewalks as they are tended to by others. Here is one of them:

One suspect was identified as Moroccan-born Driss Oukabir by police, who released his photo, but new reports say he claims his identity was stolen. Spanish police now say his brother, Moussa Oukabir, is accused of being the van’s driver who was at large, although later reports said police are no longer sure of this identification, either. Bruno Gulotta, an Italian father of two, was the first victim named. An American was also among the dead.

Here are more videos from the scene:

A video also emerged that purported to show the bodies of dead terrorists in the thwarted second attack in Cambrils, Spain, several hours after the Barcelona attack. You can watch that video here.

According to The Sun newspaper, police are treating the incidents as terror attacks, and confirmed that a “massive crash” had occurred in Barcelona.

There were reports of ISIS channels celebrating the attack, although the identities of the other suspects have not yet been released. Reports on social media described and showed panic in the streets as news of the attack spread. There was a massive police response.

The Barcelona terrorist attack comes as European cities are reeling from a series of terrorist incidents, including the bombing at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England and a series of terrorist attacks in France.

Early reports had said only two were dead, but news from Spanish broadcasters showed the casualty count was quickly climbing. It ended up at 13 dead in Barcelona and 100 wounded.

You can see more photos and videos from the scene of the Barcelona terrorist attack here. Be forewarned that those photos and videos are also graphic and show victims’ bodies in some cases.