Solar Eclipse in Nevada: Time, Weather & Viewing Parties

Solar Eclipse Nevada


The state of Nevada will experience a partial eclipse on Monday, August 21. Although the state isn’t in the zone of totality (which means there won’t be any periods of complete darkness), residents will be able to see the moon cross in front of the sun’s path, blocking much of its light from earth.

Below is a map of the path of the solar eclipse. As you can see, Nevada is well outside the zone of totality, but there will still be some areas of partial occlusion.

If you are in Nevada and you are hoping to catch a glimpse of Monday’s eclipse, you should do so while wearing special protective eyewear, available for purchase at stores like Target, 7-Eleven, Walmart, and Best Buy. If the stores near you are sold out, you can try contacting your local library. You should not view the eclipse without wearing eclipse glasses. Worst case scenario (or, if you’re looking for a fun science project), you can make your own box and pinhole projector at home.

Below you will find lists of eclipse-related information for Las Vegas and Reno.

Las Vegas

Time: 9:09 a.m. – 11:52 a.m.
Peak time: 10:27 a.m.
Weather: The skies will be clear on Monday, allowing for excellent visibility.
Libraries with free glasses (to borrow while supplies last): Paseo Verde Library
Viewing parties: CSN PlanetariumSilverton Casino Parking GarageRed Rock Canyon
Best places to view on your own: Seven Magic Mountains, Springs Preserve, The Hoover Dam


Time: 9:04 a.m. – 11:43 a.m.
Peak time: 10:20 a.m.
Weather: The skies will be mostly sunny on Monday, allowing for good visibility.
Libraries with free glasses (to borrow while supplies last): None (Call your local library for updates)
Viewing parties: The Discovery MuseumSan Rafael ParkTruckee Meadows Park Foundation at Idlewild Park
Best places to view on your own: The Riverwalk District, Virginia Lake Park