WATCH: Journey Followup, ‘Sky’ Will Make You Cry on iOS This Year

Sky iOS Game Info

Ugh, it’s just dirt in my eye, I swear. If you watch the breathtaking teaser trailer for That Game Company’s upcoming ‘Journey’ followup, ‘Fly’ and don’t get immediately whisked back to the days of pretending to be superman with your closest pals, you’re missing out.

The 49 second trailer says quite a lot without showing off much at all. As you see a caped child walk through a cavern and bound out into floating island and vast sky before him, with music swelling, you get an immediate sense of what heart strings this game is angling to pull at:

Announced alongside the 4K Apple TV and the iPhone X, according to the website, Sky tasks you to “Hold hands with your loved ones as you fly together through a desolate sky kingdom, where generosity and compassion is key to lighting your path.”

Gaming industry veteran Geoff Keighley sat down with the developers for an exclusive interview that also features some more (incredible) gameplay footage.

Here’s the kicker: Sky is only coming to Apple devices: iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV (along with a new Apple TV game controller). So those with PS4s, Xboxes, and Switches might have to wait, or may not get it at all. It remains to be seen.

What can be seen, clearly, is how far mobile gaming has come in the 9 years since the first iPhone. The graphics for Sky, from particle effects to the animations, to the vast open spaces, all look incredible and in concert with one another – a true vision.

It also looks like Sky will be That Game Company’s most robust game yet. To paraphrase the developer in the interview above: ‘If Flower was poetry, and Journey a parable, Sky is almost like a television series’, implying you might be able to play Sky, and experience new content, to infinity…

And perhaps beyond.

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