WATCH: Indiana Racecar Drivers Arrested After Fistfight on Track

A video posted online from Anderson Speedway in Anderson, Indiana, shows two racecar drivers getting into a fistfight after one of the drivers got upset after being crashed into, and proceeded to drive up the other car’s hood after the initial crash.

“Jeffery Swinford (black car) and Shawn Cullen (No. 33) were driving in a figure-8 race at Anderson Speedway in Indiana when they collided, sending Swinford to the grass,” Yahoo Sports reported. “He responded by challenging Cullen and then driving his car up and onto Cullen’s hood. That doesn’t tend to go over well with a driver, and so Cullen got out of his car to have words.”

Later in the video a police officer is shown tasing Cullen to the pavement with a stun gun. Both drivers were subsequently arrested.

High-pitched screams were heard in the stands after the first crash, followed by loud cheering after Swinford proceeded to drive up the hood of Cullen’s racecar.

“It is absolutely totally, dangerous,” Anderson Speedway Owner Rick Dawson told WRTV. “It is a 3500 pound race car going after an individual. It’s no different than a gun or a knife, or a bomb, as far as I’m concerned. It’s going to have the same results of things don’t go right.”

Swinford’s older brother defended the man to the news station. “You run into us not once, but twice in the same race,” said Mike Swinford. “What are you gonna do back up and quit? It’s racing. Is racing a sport where you are gonna back up and let the other go because he is beating your car?.”

Many have taken to social media to talk about the fight.

“Best thing you’ll see all day, guys racing and losing their minds, which brings out a cops with a tazer,” Jesse Bowers wrote.

Some believe police should’ve left the fight between the two men.

“Even though this is not NASCAR we the fans wait for this moment to happen during a race. Cop should of stayed out of this one,” Felix Cano Jr. stated.

“When are cops gonna taze hockey n football players, and bench clearing baseball brawlers,??!!!” Leonard Qualls exclaimed. “…Let them drivers fight! Dude needed his a** kicked.

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