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is a breaking news and entertainment contributor to Heavy, and also an investigative journalist with Nancy Grace's CrimeOnline. She has a BA in Journalism from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Follow her on Twitter @jendzikowski or email her at
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    Police say Breanna Lewis lied about her own daughter, Harlee , being kidnapped before they found the baby girl dead inside of a diaper box. Read the latest developments here.

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    An autistic boy was found in squalor conditions in Del City, Oklahoma. Authorities say the boy was padlocked inside a room full of animal feces and urine for hours at a time.

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    Southwest Flight 957 was bound for Newark from Chicago, but was diverted for an emergency landing due to a broken window. See photos and video here.

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    Hundreds of people are gathered in San Francisco to celebrate April 20, i.e. 420 at 4:20. Watch the billows of smoke hover above the crowds live here.

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    Rashon Nelson is one of two black men arrested at a Philadelphia Starbucks after manager Holly Hylton called 911 saying the men were trespassing. Read the latest here.

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  • Florida Motorcycle Road Rage Incident: Undocumented Immigrant Arrested

    An undocumented immigrant without a valid license was arrested after allegedly ramming a motorcyclist off of the road near Sarasota, Florida. Watch the footage here.