Fort Worth Explosions: Loud Booms Were From Military Training

Twitter The skyline of Fort Worth, Texas.

People in the downtown area in Forth Worth, Texas became concerned Wednesday when loud booms could be heard and felt during the late morning. There were also some report of clouds of smoke visible in the area.

However, the Fort Worth Police Department said there’s nothing to be alarmed about. The explosions were from SWAT training exercises taking place in the area with the military.

The military exercises were taking place Wednesday at a city facility on the 1000 block of Calvert Street, just north of downtown.

Prior to the police alert, multiple people took to social media saying they heard at least two “explosions” sometime around 11 a.m. local time. Some reported structures shaking around the downtown area because of the explosions.

One faculty member at an area high school said students were in the middle of taking their Practice SAT exams, and the explosions interrupted the testing.

Back in 2011, there were reports of explosions in the downtown Fort Worth area during the evening hours. Those were because of lightning strikes hitting electricity lines and causing the transformers to light up the nighttime sky.

The lightning strike and subsequent explosions lasted for about 25 minutes and left more than 4,000 residents without power.

According to 2016 census estimates, the population of Fort Worth is 854,113, making it the fifth-largest city in Texas.

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1 Comment


Doesn’t surprise me that the U.S. Army would set off explosions without telling the public. I was once captured by the U.S. Army (in a joint military exercise) and placed in a dark room by myself and then a bit later someone set off fireworks in my room. I could feel them stinging me. I ran out of that room in a rage of anger and grabbed the first person I saw by the neck and was ready to punch them out if they gave me any trouble. I think it was an Army Captain without rank insignia on. My Lieutenant ordered me to let him go immediately, so I did. But it is this kind of horse shit I have no patience/tolerance for, and I hope the citizens of Dallas/Fort Worth won’t have the patience/tolerance for it either. We don’t have to take this kinda horse shit. This makes the “Taking a Knee, NFL story” pale in comparison. Embarrass the hell out of the U.S. Army for this. Oh, remember how the U.S. Army once shamelessly, under white flag of truce, captured the Resistance Leader of the Florida Seminole Indians – in an attempt to end the conflict which the U.S. Army was losing. I remember. And I also remember the Seminole Indians never surrendered. And you thought only Vietnam was a quagmire. And who can forget the atrocities of, “Sherman’s March to the Sea” during the American Civil War. Remember how the U.S. Army ran back to Washington with their tails between their legs after the Battle of 1st Manassas/1st Bull Run? I remember. And I remember how embedded journalist, London Times, William Russell wondered why in the HELL had the Confederate Army not pursued the fleeing Union Army, and taken Washington D.C. to win the war in this opening battle? General Jackson would never have let the fleeing “Blue Bellies” ever reached Washington had he been in charge. Once his fleeing soldiers reached Washington D.C., incoming Union Commanding General George McClellan found Washington D.C. undefended, and his soldiers all drunk or AWOL. AND recently… Who can forget the “Torture at Abu Ghraib” prison by the U.S. Army against the Iraqi prisoners.

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