Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino Hotel Rooms In Las Vegas, Nevada

Mandalay Bay Hotel Shooting

Getty Police form a perimeter around the road leading to the Mandalay Hotel (background) after a gunman killed at least 50 people and wounded more than 400 others when he opened fire on a country music concert in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada is at the center of the largest mass shooting in American history. After shooter Stephen C. Paddock, 64, opened fire from a hotel room on the 32nd floor, over 50 people were killed and approximately 400 victims were injured during the Route 91 Harvest Festival. See a photo of the blown out windows in the hotel from where the shooter fired upon a crowd of an estimated 22,000 concert-goers in the below tweet.

As for what the Mandalay Bay rooms look like inside, see an example from a Twitter user in the below twit pic.

And, for a full list of rooms and accommodation photos, click here for the official rundown on the Mandalay Bay hotel website. According to Business Insider, shooter Stephen Paddock checked into the resort three days before the mass shooting occurred. It is unclear if Paddock had the reported 10 rifles with him throughout his stay at the hotel. Nevada is an open-carry state and automatic weapons are actually legal there. In an official statement made by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, the actions of shooter Paddock, were described as this:

Paddock opened fire on a crowd of more than 22,000 concert-goers from his hotel room on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel on Sunday evening at approximately 10:08 p.m. The victims were across the street attending the Route 91 Harvest Festival concert when bullets rang out.

Good Morning America reported that the shooter opened fire for four and a half minutes.

The Mandalay Bay houses a 12,000-seat sports and entertainment complex, along with several other venues for shows and events, such as the House of Blues. The Route 91 Harvest Festival took place in the Las Vegas Village, across from the Luxor Hotel and Mandalay Bay sold tickets to the three-day event on their website.

President Trump has called the shooting “an act of pure evil”. Trump says our love defines us today and in honor of the victims from this tragedy, he has announced that the American flags at the White House will be flown at half-staff today.

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