Top 10 Best Last Minute Halloween Costumes for Baby 2019

last minute baby halloween costume ideas 2017

Their are few things in life more fun than Halloween with a baby. Your baby is already adorable, of course, but they are even more so when dressed up like a little lion, firefighter, or pumpkin! Make sure to cherish this time, when you are able to dress your little one up like a doll, because pretty soon they will want to pick their own costume. Halloween is approaching fast, and you most likely have a party or two to attend this weekend. Here are some of the best costumes you can purchase at the last minute and still get them in time. All of the costumes below are eligible for one day shipping, so act fast!

1. Carter’s Firefighter Costume

last minute baby costume firefighter

Your little one is going to be putting out fires in people’s hearts with this adorable costume. Designed to keep baby nice and warm, this costume has fuzzy polyester pants and a hooded top. It is large and roomy so it can be worn over warm clothes as well. This costume comes in sizes from 6 months to 18 months.

Price: $12.99 and up depending on size

Buy the Firefighter Costume here.

2. Carter’s Monkey Costume

carters monkey costume last minute baby halloween

In my opinion, animal costumes are the cutest of all for babies. If you call your son or daughter “little monkey” like I do, this would be the perfect costume on Halloween! This plush costume from Carters has stuffing in it to make baby look even pudgier, which is adorable. It comes in sizes from 12 months to 24 months. Smaller sizes are sold out right now, but if you click on the link above you can see other Carter’s plush costumes like flamingos, dogs, monsters and pineapples.

Price: $18 and up

Buy the Carter’s Monkey Costume here.

3. Elvis Costume

last minute baby costume elvis halloween

Music lovers will love this Elvis costume for babies aged infant to 12 months. This is an officially licensed costume, designed to look like Elvis’s aloha costume. It even has the Liberty Birds from his costume on it. Show those other trick or treaters who is the King this Halloween!

Price: $19.53 and up

Buy the Elvis Costume here.

4. Baby Gnome Costume

I think that this gnome costume is, hands down, the most cute on this list. This costume has everything, from the little black shoes to the big giant ears and eyebrows. It is multiple pieces, including a jumpsuit, hat, detachable beard and shoes. You can easily fit some nice warm clothes underneath, as well.

Price: $24.87 and up

Buy the Baby Gnome Costume here.

5. Plush Cuddlee Elephant Costume

elephant last minute baby halloween costume 2017

This plush elephant costume is beyond adorable. It is a one piece jumpsuit that will keep your boy or girl extra warm during the chilly Halloween evening. This costume is made of polyester and is super soft. It is the perfect addition to a jungle themed family costume!

Price: $23.05 and up

Buy the Plush Cuddlee Elephant Costume here.

6. My First Halloween Doctor Onesie Costume

My First Halloween Doctor Onesie Costume

If mom or dad works in the medical field, then you can dress up baby as a doctor for the easiest family costume ever! This playful onesie can be paired with regular pants for an effortless yet cute as can be costume on Halloween. It can even be used for dress up at other times of the year! This polyester onesie comes in sizes ranging form infant to 12 months.

Price: $7.47 and up

Buy the My First Halloween Doctor Onesie Costume here.

7. Baby Skeleton Romper Costume

Baby Skeleton Romper Costume

Here is a cute and classic Halloween outfit that will go with any spooky family theme. This skeleton costume is as easy as it is cute, with a one piece romper and included headpiece that you can detach if needed. It even snaps at the legs for easy diaper changes! This costume comes in 6 month or 12 month sizes.

Price: $12.99 and up

Buy the Baby Skeleton Romper Costume here.

8. Baby Sunflower Costume

Baby Sunflower Costume

Your baby is a little ray of sunshine – Let them shine this Halloween in a sunflower costume! This satin polyester outfit is so adorable, it will bring smiles to the faces of everyone you see on your trick or treating route. This is a perfect costume for anyone doing a farmer or plant themed family costume. It comes in infant or toddler sizes.

Price: $17.38 and up

Buy the Baby Sunflower Costume here.

9. Stay Puft Ghostbusters Infant Costume/h2>

Stay Puft Ghostbusters Infant Costume

If you are shopping for an infant Halloween costume, your search is over. This marshmallow man costume is the absolute most precious thing on this list- It doesn’t get any better than this!! This costume is especially cute for chubby little ones with rolls stacked up and down their arms and legs. Whether or not you are a Ghostbusters fan, and especially if you want to do a Ghostbusters themed family costume, this little Stay Puft outfit is going to turn some heads on Halloween!

Price: $29.87

Buy the Stay Puft Ghostbusters Infant Costume here.

10. Star Trek Into Darkness Captain Kirk Costume

star trek last minute baby costume

If you love Star Trek or any Sci Fi, this super cute Captain Kirk costume is perfect for Halloween. It is great for both boys and girls, and fits the style of uniform in the Into Darkness movie. This would be an adorable addition to a family Star Trek theme, and can be reused during the year for dress up! This costume comes in 1-2 years, small, medium and large sizes.

Price: $5.99 and up depending on size

Buy the Star Trek Into Darkness Captain Kirk Costume here.

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