Marissa Wallen: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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A Washington state call girl is being accused of shooting a john twice in the head because he was bad at oral sex. Marissa Wallen, 21, appeared in court on November 8 for the first time after she allegedly left her client, 36, for dead on October 21 after she says he hired her for sex, reports the Everett Herald. Wallen is also accused of stealing the man’s wallet and going on a spending spree worth $12,000. That Herald report says that police described Wallen as being “emotionless” and “calculating” during their interview with her.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. The John Lay Undiscovered for 3 Days

KIRO-TV reports that Wallen is accused of shooting the john in the back of the head while he was performing oral sex. After the first shot, prosecutors say she shot him once more in the face. The station says that Wallen’s statement said it was “because he was performing oral sex wrong.” KIRO, quoting from documents, says that Wallen “said that she then took his wallet [off] his night stand and fled the location, believing, he was dead on his bedroom floor.”

The john didn’t die and lay undiscovered for three days and was only found when an officer came to his home on a welfare check. After being taken to a nearby hospital, a CT scan revealed the john had two bullets in his head. The Everett Herald reports that the john couldn’t speak to officers but through hand signals was able to tell officers that he knew who shot him. The Herald adds that through motion-capture cameras at the man’s house, police were able to tell that nobody came to the home during those three days.

2. Wallen Asked Police to Contact Another of Her Johns to Ask for Help With Her $1 Million Bail

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The Everett Herald reports that the john’s three credit cards were charged 82 times between October 22 and November 5. Wallen was eventually tracked down and arrested at her home in Mount Vernon, Washington. The Herald report adds that Wallen asked for police to contact one of her johns for help in paying for her $1 million bail. The judge also said that Wallen’s 13 active warrants for her arrest “might be a record.”

Wallen’s public defender told the court that her client has a medical condition which has prevented her from making court appearances in the past. Wallen is facing charges of first-degree assault, first-degree robbery and first-degree identity theft.

3. Another Man Has Been Arrested in Relation to the Case

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Wallen pictured during her court appearance Screengrab via KIRO

A man named Jenner Washington has been arrested in relation to the case, reports KIRO. Washington is accused of accepting payments through Facebook from Wallen.

4. The John Handles Security for Websites, According to Neighbors

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Facebook/Marissa Wallen

The john worked in security for websites, reports KIRO. The station says that in the weeks leading up to the shooting he was “hiring female escorts and frequenting a strip club in Seattle.”

The Everett Herald reports that Wallen went to the victim’s house five times in October. Prior to recently, the Herald says that prior to recently “the man rarely left his home.”

5. Wallen Is Shown Through Facebook Postings to Be a Mother

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Facebook postings indicate that Wallen is the mother to a young child. The Everett Herald reports that Skagit County, Washington, for her entire life. In her about section, Wallen says she is from and lives in Concrete, Washington.