Lori Flynn, Michael’s Wife: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Facebook Lori Flynn (Lori Andrade) is the wife of Michael Flynn.

Lori Flynn is the wife of Michael Flynn, who served and resigned as President Donald Trump‘s National Security Advisor after 24 days. The Flynns are in a long-term marriage, and they are high school sweethearts.

Flynn is the sixth of nine children in a military family and has been married to the former Lori Andrade for over 30 years. He and Lori have two sons named Matt and Michael Flynn Jr. Michael Flynn, the father, was set to be sentenced on December 18, 2018 on accusations that he lied to federal investigators probing his contacts with the Russian ambassador.

Here’s what you need to know about the couple:

1. Michael Flynn & His Wife Met in High School & Have Been Married for Over 30 Years

FacebookMichael and Lori Flynn

Flynn and Andrade met when they both attended Middletown High School in Rhode Island. A story in the Providence Journal says that they started seeing each other as sophomores and were officially dating by their senior year. The article said that Lori was “a pretty girl who played intramural and powder puff sports” and Flynn was a football player.

The couple got married and, according to a feature story on the University of Rhode Island website, have been together for over 30 years.

Michael Flynn’s marriage has endured for decades. Flynn “married his high school sweetheart, Lori Andrade,” said the University of Rhode Island. The Flynns have been married for more than 30 years, and Lori’s Facebook page is filled with pictures of her husband and grandchildren. Michael Flynn tweeted that he and his wife were thankful for his siblings’ support, writing: “Lori and I are very grateful to my brother Joe and sister Barbara for creating a fund to help pay my legal defense costs.”

Both Flynn and Lori hail from Middletown, Rhode Island. “Flynn and his wife, Lori, who started dating as high school sophomores, grew up here and have deep family ties in the area,” reported CBS News.

Michael and Lori Flynn. They met in high school.

Lori was described as a person who “was involved in homecoming activities, counted Peter Frampton as her favorite singer, and although she may not have recognized it then, possessed the uncommon temperament to someday be a soldier’s wife,” reported the Providence Journal. “Mike and Lori were established as sweethearts by senior year, when Mike played varsity football, at defensive guard and linebacker.”

The university quoted Flynn as saying: “Lori has been a steady presence in the lives of thousands of soldiers and their families during my numerous deployments and has played the role of not only mom, but dad, coach, teacher, and at times, taxi driver for our two sons, Michael and Matt, as well as for hundreds of other children. She’s always willing to volunteer her time for others.”

2. They Have Two Sons Together

Michael and Lori Flynn at an event. Michael Flynn is the author of a book on “radical Islam.” He argues the government has downplayed the nature of the threat to the American people. (Facebook/Lori Flynn)

The Flynns have two grown sons together: Michael Flynn Jr. and Matt Flynn. Michael Flynn Jr. has also been under scrutiny in the Mueller investigation, and served as the chief of staff of the Flynn Intel Group, a company he ran with his father. He’s been very active on Twitter and commented on the reports of a possible indictment November 5.

Michael told the University of Rhode Island’s alumni newsletter that Lori has been a huge influence on many through the years.

“Lori has been a steady presence in the lives of thousands of soldiers and their families during my numerous deployments and has played the role of not only mom, but dad, coach, teacher, and at times, taxi driver for our two sons, Michael and Matt, as well as for hundreds of other children,” he told the publication. “She’s always willing to volunteer her time for others.”

3. Their Ties to Rhode Island Run Deep

Michael and Lori Flynn.

A story in the USA Today says that Flynn and Andrade are well known in their Rhode Island community, and a friend of the couple, retired Army Col. Tom Heaney, said they are active in the community and frequently are out and about.

“There is a pretty strong nucleus of friends who go back years,” Heaney told the newspaper. “And a lot of us are still here. We’re trying the best we can to keep Mike and Lori out of the spotlight.”

Andrade grew up in Middletown, Rhode Island and is the daughter of a large Portuguese family who are from Aquidneck Island.

4. Flynn’s Sister Said Lori Deserves Credit for Being a Strong Military Wife

The Flynns at a sporting event. Michael Flynn has Tweeted his support for the New England Patriots. He also likes the Boston Red Sox. (Facebook/Lori Flynn)

Lori has always been there during Flynn’s decorated military service. Flynn’s sister told The Newport Daily News that Lori deserves a great deal of praise for her patience and willpower.

“I give her a lot of credit because he has been at work for so many years,” Clare Flynn Eckert said. “He is one of the strongest military wives, with Michael all the way.”

5. The Flynns Have Tried to Keep a Low Profile Since His Resignation

Michael and Lori Flynn

Flynn announced his resignation from his position as controversy continued to mount. Reports surfaced about his communications with the Russian ambassador, and he stepped down just 24 days after he was hired.

In the months that followed, the Flynns returned to their hometown to get out of the spotlight, USA Today reported. Lori has appeared at his side in court.

“In recent months, Michael and Lori Flynn have returned to their local haunts,” the newspaper article said. “You can find them with Flynn’s brothers and their friends playing rounds of golf at nearby Montaup Country Club or taking in an occasional dinner at 22 Bowen’s, a steakhouse on the wharf in Newport.”

The Providence Journal attempted to speak to Flynn following his resignation, and Lori answered the door at their Middletown house. She refused to comment.

“Not interested, thank you very much,” she said before shutting the door.

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