National Sandwich Day in 2017: Where to Find Deals

Subway Subway

November 3 is National Sandwich Day, so it’s time to eat a sandwich and maybe some free chips along with that.

This day hits on the birthday of John Montagu, the 4th Earl of Sandwich. Some say the sandwich was invented when he was playing cards and some say it was invented when he was working for the navy. There isn’t anything definitely confirmed about how the Earl invented the sandwich, but if you’re interested about the history of National Sandwich day, you can read Heavy’s article about the day here.

Here are the deals to honor the Earl:

Buy One, Get One Free at Subway

For the third year in a row, Subway is offering a deal to participate in National Sandwich Day. Celebrating the day as World Sandwich Day, Subway is offering buy one get one deals in 60 countries at more than 40,000 locations.

When you go to Subway on November 3 and buy a sandwich and a drink, you’ll get a free sandwich of equal or lesser value.

Not only is Subway offering free food for you and maybe a buddy, but they’re also using the day to help fight world hunger. When you redeem a buy one, get one offer at Subway on November 3, the chain will donate 1 meal to Feeding America, a hunger relief organization.

Free Roast Beef Sandwich at Arby’s

It’s not exclusively for National Sandwich Day, but you can get a free roast beef classic with the purchase of a drink when you sign up for Arby’s newsletter. This has no stated end date, so it’ll be good for more than just November 3.

The fast food restaurant has a history of celebrating National Sandwich Day by offering 99 cent sandwiches at participating locations and posting on their social media accounts about their favorite sandwiches. With their Twitter page gaining publicity for using pop culture to sell food, it’s likely the company will have a lot of posts coming out about the day.

Keep your eye on their Twitter. It’s not too late for them to announce a deal at the last minute in honor of the Earl of Sandwich’s birthday.

QuickChek: Buy One Get One Free

Much like Subway, QuickChek is offering buy one get one sandwiches at their shop. If you download the mobile app and then buy a 6-inch sub, you get a freebie.

This deal is exclusive to November 3 for National Sandwich Day, but if you want a free sandwich later, download the app for the first time between November 6 and 12 to get a coupon for a free 6-inch sub.

Sandwiches from QuickChek include a California Grilled Chicken Club, Buffalo Chicken Mac & Cheese Sub and even a General Tso Chicken sub for some variety.

More Freebies

Quiznos: Quiznos is offering an 8-inch classic Italian sub for $5 at participating locations. You can also download a coupon here for a $1 off an 8-inch sub, 12-inch sub or full salad. This is valid at participating locations and doesn’t expire until November 19, so you have plenty of time to redeem the coupon.

Firehouse Subs: To celebrate National Sandwich Day, Firehouse Subs has coupons for the first 50 diners at every location. The coupons are good for free chips and a drink with a purchase of a sub on their next visit. The coupon is good until the end of the month.

McAlister’s Deli: The deli is offering their classic Club for $4 in honor of National Sandwich Day.

Jersey Mike’s Subs: Jersey Mike’s Subs is offering a $2 Off Any Regular Sub Coupon to its email club members and fans on social media. This deal will be valid November 3 and 4. The company will have contests on social media each day for their “National Sub Month” celebration. The prizes vary, ranging from gift cards to T-shirts.


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