November 4 Protests: Photos & Videos From Around the Country

Refuse Fascism/Chicago

Chicago Refuse Fascism

Today is November 4, the day of the notorious “It Begins” protests calling for an end to the Trump/Pence regime. Depending on which publication you read, the protests taking place around the country are either peaceful protests seeking to call attention to what they believe is a greater problem in our country, or a big Antifa civil war event. Well, the rumors that Antifa is starting a civil war are just that — rumors. The group running the protests is called Refuse Fascism and they aren’t actually associated with Antifa. They are hoping that millions will join the nonviolent protests and it will last for days or longer. But they are emphatic that these are nonviolent events. You can read more about their motivations here and their locations here

Here are photos and videos from the protests, to keep you updated on what is happening today around the country.


Refuse Fascism protests are taking place around the country, including Chicago.

Refuse Fascism Chicago

Facebook/Refuse Fascism ChicagoRefuse Fascism Chicago at Trump Tower

New York

New York is home to one of the biggest November 4 protest events today.


Residents in Philadelphia are also participating.

Los Angeles


Counterprotesters yelled over Refuse Fascism protestors in Austin:


We will add more photos and videos as they are available.

Watch live streams below:


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Enid Coleslaw

How naive do you have to be to support this Communist front nonsense? Anyone taking part in this sore-loser temper tantrum is a dictionary-definition “useful idiot”.

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