Tessa Loge, Devin Kelley’s Ex-Wife: 5 Fast Facts

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As news continues to come out about alleged Sunderland Springs shooter Devin Kelley, it’s now been revealed that Kelley chose the church where his former in-laws were known to have worshiped after a family fight between him and the family of ex-wife Danielle Shields Kelley, who lived in the small Texas town.

But his marriage to Danielle wasn’t the first time that Devin Kelley has been married. Prior to that, he was also married to Tessa Loge, with the couple parting ways in 2012. According to Loge, he once threatened her life when she received a speeding ticket and said her life with him was filled with abuse.

Here are five things that you need to know about Devin Kelley’s first wife, who has appeared as Tessa K. Kelley, Tessa Loge and Tessa Brennaman, with Tessa Loge being her maiden name.

1. She Married Devin Kelley in 2011

Very little is known about the life of Loge and Kelley together, as Kelley’s Facebook page has been deleted and Loge’s page does not feature Kelley. What is known is that the couple was married on April 12, 2011, according to records from Comal County, Texas.

Comal County is the home county of Kelley, who was originally from New Braunfels, Texas, the county seat of Comal County. New Braunfels is a mere 35 miles away from Sutherland Springs, which is located in Comal County’s neighbor Wilson County.

2. Their Divorce Happened in New Mexico

Upon their wedding, Kelley and Loge relocated to the Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico, where Kelley was stationed as he served in the logistics department of the United States Air Force.

After 18 months of marriage between the two parties, however, Loge filed for divorce in Alamogordo, N.M., less than 10 miles from the Air Force base.

From court records, it does not appear that Kelley contested the divorce or that the parties had much trouble coming to an agreement to dissolve their marriage. The records of their divorce show that Loge filed for divorce on Oct. 15, 2012 and had her petition granted on Oct. 17, 2012. The two also had their court fees waived by Judge James W. Counts and Loge opted to file for divorce pro se, both signs that the couple might have been in a tight spot financially when they officially divorced.

3. She Might Have Been The Abused Spouse in Kelley’s Court Martial

The timeline of Kelley being court-martialed in 2012 and being demoted to the lowest rank possible in the Air Force fits with the timeline of his marriage to Loge. However, there is an inconsistency in Kelley’s known past and the information provided by the Air Force concerning him being court-martialed.

According to the Air Force, Kelley was court-martialed for assault on his wife and child. As he was married at the time to Loge, she would seem to be the wife in the case.

However, the court records of his divorce tell another story. In her opening petition to the courts in Alamogordo, Loge states that she is filing for divorce with no children, which would make it impossible for her to be the spouse that was abused unless the child being abused was not the child of at least one of Kelley or Loge. No records are known to exist of either Kelley or Loge having been married before 2012, and Kelley’s two children with Danielle Shields are believed to both be from that marriage. It is not known if Loge had children before her marriage to Kelley.

4. She Apparently Got Re-Married To Noah Brennaman

A search of Loge’s records reveal that she is also listed as Tessa Brennaman, having married Noah Brennaman, a man in his mid-20’s who had lived in both Carson City, Nev. as well as Alamogordo. According to one court record, the Brennamans lived as a couple in New Braunfels, where they had an issue with their apartment complex, Langtry Village Apartments.

According to the 2013 lawsuit, Noah and Tessa were sued by their landlord to have them forcibly removed from the property, but the lawsuit was dismissed by Comal County’s court system. A month later, Tessa became pregnant with the couple’s first child.

Their child appears to have been born successfully, but no information is available on whether Noah Brennaman remains involved with either Tessa or their child.

5. She and Her Family are Originally from El Paso But Moved to New Braunfels

Before moving to New Braunfels and later New Mexico, Loge and her family were originally from El Paso, Texas. She was born as Tessa Kaylynn Loge, and she and her family lived in the western part of Texas through 1998, when her father Therron split from her mother Sandra.

Oddly, despite Tessa Loge being six years old at the time of the case, the divorce is listed as listed as including no children. Another oddity is that Tessa and her brother Zachary are both listed as defendants in the case along with their mother Sandra.

In any case, both Tessa and Zachary relocated to New Braunfels, as did Sandra, who now goes by Sandra Durling.

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