Philadelphia Coyote Captured: Photos & Videos

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Police Officer Marck Smith The South Philly coyote

A South Philadelphia coyote was captured by authorities after it was spotted in a parking lot. Philadelphia police chased the creature before Game Commission and Animal Control were able to capture it.

Hilarious video emerged of the South Philadelphia coyote dodging the police in a parking lot.

The coyote will be moved to a more “suitable environment,” The Associated Press reported. The coyote earned a loyal following on Twitter.

The coyote incident unfolded in the early morning hours of April 26, 2018, and it’s the second coyote incident in Philly in a week. Police released vivid pictures of the Thursday coyote. On Monday of the same week, Philadelphia police caught a different coyote that was prowling in northeast Philadelphia in the Mayfair area.

When it comes to the South Philadelphia coyote, one television station employee decided to feed what was described as a frightened and cornered animal. At one point, the terrified coyote was cowering underneath a dumpster, and a police officer snapped a photo of its face. It’s been 22 years since a coyote was in that area of Philly, according to Philadelphia reporter Matt Alba, who was writing on Twitter.

The coyote was located at 16th and Montrose Streets, according to ABC 7, and Philadelphia police were alerted to its presence in the neighborhood around 6 a.m.

Photos showed a Philadelphia police officer on hands and knees with a flashlight trying to get a glimpse of the South Philly coyote. People had a field day with the coyote sightings, with one person writing on Twitter, “Does no one else think it’s the craziest thing that coyotes are running through Philadelphia ??.”

It took about two hours after the first call for authorities to corral the animal in South Philly, but corral it they did.

In the earlier Mayfair incident, the 15th District tweeted out photos of the coyote, writing, “Good job 15th officers today call for coyote on the streets it was caught and released back to Environmental center.”

According to Philly Voice, in the Mayfair incident, “The animal was captured using a dog noose and transported in the back of a police car to meet with officials from Parks and Recreation.”

Philly Voice reported that coyote sightings in the northeast are increasing and “some biologists believe Interbreeding between farmers’ dogs and wild coyotes produced a fierce, all-terrain predator whose numbers may have risen into the millions. Deforestation and hunting” were also believed to have driven the coyotes down from Canada, the magazine reported.

Dramatic photos also emerged of the Mayfair coyote.

People enjoyed the concept of police chasing a coyote around and not catching it at first. “More
Watching this coyote give Philadelphia Police officers hell on TV ?????,” wrote one person on Twitter.

“More Guys! There is a coyote spotted on the streets of Philadelphia!!! This is major breaking news!!!!!!! #news,” wrote another, while a third observer pointed out the obvious, writing, “Coyote n Philadelphia not common.”

Another man summed it up for everyone, writing, “Unbelievable, Coyote sighting in Philadelphia today.?”