Gregory St. Andre: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Gregory St. Andre is a Michigan man who is accused of incest after allegedly fathering a child with his now 20-year-old biological daughter.

According to Fox 2, Andre, who is from Warren, Michigan, “is charged with two counts of third degree criminal sexual conduct after he was found to be the father of his daughter’s child.” Both father and daughter were very active on social media, frequently posting photos.

St. Andre is accused of telling police “he never had intercourse with his daughter. Instead, he told them he gave her a cup of his semen and he ‘doesn’t know what she did with it,'” the television station reported, adding that there are allegedly incriminating text messages between the father and daughter.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. An Aunt Called the Situation ‘Madness’

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FacebookGreg St. Andre with his children.

The aunt of the daughter has spoken out to Michigan media. “She has a son by the defendant. What is she supposed to do?” the aunt, Michelle Truszkowski, told Fox 2. “It’s just madness. It’s tearing our whole family apart.”

“This is a horrible, horrible thing that happened,” the aunt added to the television station, which reported that St. Andre has allegedly been contacting his daughter through social media. Bail was increased for the 37-year-old father and a DNA test was ordered by the judge, according to The Detroit News.

The allegations date back a year. St. Andre’s wife has now filed for divorce, reported Fox 2, which alleges that the family says they suspected the abuse for years but couldn’t get law enforcement to take it seriously.

2. St. Andre Wrote ‘It’s Complicated’ as His Relationship Status on Facebook

greg st. andre

Greg St. Andre

In 2018, St. Andre wrote on Facebook, “In a Complicated Relationship.” Angry people have now filled up the comment thread with negative remarks about him, with many of them using expletives.

On Facebook, St. Andre wrote that he is a service manager at a Michigan property management company, worked at Sprinkler Fitters Local 704, studied HVAC at Northwestern tech of southfield, went to Justin F. Kimball High School, and is from Royal Oak, Michigan. He posted photos of himself with his numerous children, including while driving.

In 2017, he wrote, “This weekend only, HVAC service special 75$ for family and close friends 100$ for strangers. Inspections and cleanings also avab. Please share.”

3. People Praised His Fatherhood on Facebook & Greg Wrote on His Daughter’s Page

greg st. andre

Greg St. Andre

Most of Greg St. Andre’s photos on Facebook show him with a small child, although he has five children, according to UK Daily Mail. Before news broke of the accusations, people had made positive comments about his fathering skills on the comment threads. “Your such an amazing Dad!” wrote one woman. “The happiest baby ever,” wrote another of one of his children.

St. Andre responded, “5% of the time because what baby wants baby gets, right.” He tagged his daughter in the post. St. Andre was arrested in February 2018. According to The Detroit Free Press, “Warren police said the results of the DNA test, plus information obtained during police interviews” culminated in St. Andre’s arrest.

4. St. Andre Sometimes Commented on His Daughter’s Facebook Page

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Greg St. Andre

The daughter plastered photos of a child on her Facebook page too. “TWINS. This is a beautiful picture,” wrote one friend. When someone praised the daughter’s looks and mentioned Greg, she wrote, “It’s funny because he says everyday how lucky he is to have beautiful children ?? thank you.” Another friend wrote of the child, “HE LOOKS JUST LIKE U OMG.”

Greg St. Andre periodically commented on his daughter’s photos. “Awww,” he wrote with one. “Ya” he wrote under another selfie she posted.

5. The Wife’s Cousin Posted a Lengthy Statement on GoFundMe That Says the Child ‘Resembles the Grandfather Too Much’

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MugshotGregory St. Andre

A cousin of St. Andre’s estranged wife has created a GoFundMe page to help her. It contains a string of detailed accusations. The page has only raised $50.

“I’m writing this for my cousin who is two and embarrassed and desperately needs the help to save her children’s home and get an adequate lawyer,” the message with the page states.

“For years now and the family has suspected an inappropriate relationship with the father and the biological teenage daughter. Then just about two years ago the teenage daughter announced she was pregnant…Numerous people asked her who the babies father was and she would never give a real name. The child looks exactly like the other children and resembles the grandfather too much..”

The statement further alleges: “When the child was born the mother tried reporting it to child protective services who did not take her serious; she went to the state police were they just referred her back to the Warren police because that was the city she lived in and they did nothing. I myself tried reporting it to child protective services and they did nothing except send a denial letter. So she started the divorce proceedings on her phone because she has a three-year-old daughter and two minor boys that need to be protected. She would not agree to sign anything on custody until he told her who fathered the grandchild. Her father hired a lawyer for her when there was a personal protection order issue and her lawyer has done nothing to help her.”

The statement provides other incendiary details. “She desperately needs any help with getting an adequate lawyer and saving the home for the children, being as she has a single mom working part time and has been homemaker almost the whole marriage. Any little bit helps and I know she’ll appreciate all the support and help that everyone gives once again thank you,” the statement reads.