Mother’s Day DIY Gifts for 2018: Last-Minute Ideas


Getty A mother with her children.

Mother’s Day 2018 arrives on May 13, 2018. Maybe your mother appreciates handmade gifts from the heart most. Maybe you just don’t have a lot of money but still want to do something special for her. Luckily, there are some great DIY gift ideas out there for Mother’s Day, including some last-minute ones.

Here’s are some of the best Mother’s Day 2018 DIY ideas that we found (if you need something super fast with minimal time to make, check out the homemade sugar scrubs at #11):

1. Wine Cork Coasters

wine corks

The Seaman mom has a cool craft project where you can make coasters out of wine corks. If your mom likes wine, she will probably get a laugh out of this gift, plus marvel at your ingenuity. All you will need is 19 wine corks and assorted other assembly materials, like glue and webbing. You can see a tutorial here.

Another wine-related idea: Wine cork stoppers. You need some corks and decorative knobs for that project.

2. Camera Strap Scarf

Why not dress up her camera by turning her boring camera strap into a scarf camera strap? It’s easy to do and The House That Lars Built has the instructions and tutorial.

3. Tea Cup Candle

Tea cups

All mothers like candles, we’d guess. The tea cup candle project makes the common candle gift unique. Yesmissy explains how to make them. You don’t have to spend a lot for the tea cup, either, if you find one at a thrift store.

4. Floral Tea Bags

You can combine her love of flowers with her love of tea by creating floral tea bags. Kipi has the tutorial. You can use real flowers or plastic ones. The instructions are simple, but the end result is very pretty.

5. Mother’s Day Questionnaires

Probably nothing will move mom more than a questionnaire in which you reveal your feelings and thoughts about her. Who Arted has sample questionnaires that you can use for both mom and grandma.

6. Painted Wooden Spoons

wooden spoon

This is a DIY gift that kids can make. Simply paint some wooden spoons, and you’ve got a nice gift! You can see the tutorial here at Little Bit Funky.

7. Kids’ Garden Stepping Stone

Make a stepping stone for mom’s garden. You can learn how via this video tutorial from

8. Triangle Shelves

Help mom redecorate with home-made triangle shelves. Design Sponge has the directions.

9. Painted Tin Cans, Bottles & Jars

Looking for a last-minute Mother’s Day DIY gift idea? How about painted tin cans? They look really pretty, and you’ve probably got what you need lying around the house. You can see a tutorial at House by Hoff. If you prefer, you could decorate soda bottles with paint and/or scrap paper and twine. You could also try making the 10 things I love about you decorative jar instead. Here’s how.

Another tutorial shows you how to turn a wine bottle into a vase with minimal materials.

10. Tea Garden in a Box

Make a portable tea garden in a box for mom. Martha Stewart has the instructions. You’ll need some herbs and a wooden wine crate.

11. Sugar Scrub


One last-minute idea that mom will still love is to make her a sugar scrub. It’s not as hard as it sounds. You can get the instructions from the Reasons to Skip the Housework blog. You need only a few household ingredients (many of which you might have on hand or could easily buy at the store.) Some of the scrubs take only a few minutes to make, but they create vibrant colors that make a nice gift.

12. No-Sew Makeup Bag

Don’t know how to sew? No problem. DIY and Crafts has a great idea for a no-sew makeup bag that mom would probably love. You can see the tutorial here. If you think she’d prefer a no-sew pencil case, you can get the directions for how to make one at the same link.

13. Fork Bracelet

Watch this video tutorial if you want to try making a bracelet out of a fork. Mom will probably admire how clever it is.