Denver Police Tractor Chase Video: WATCH

denver police tractor chase

Twitter/@Gazucci Denver police tractor chase screenshot

Denver police chased a stolen tractor through the streets and sidewalks of downtown Denver, Colorado. Yes, really. You can watch video from the police tractor chase throughout this story.

It took a lot of police squads to stop the marauding tractor as it eluded authorities for a half hour. It wasn’t exactly a high-speed pursuit. In fact, a police spokesman and some Twitter users labeled it a “slow-speed pursuit.” Twitter users posted videos of the tractor chase:

“We had a pursuit, it’s what we consider a low-speed event,” said Denver Police Department spokesperson Tyrone Campbell.

According to CBS Denver, the John Deere tractor was pursued by at least five patrol cars with lights on and sirens blaring. The tractor appeared to drive chaotically, at times on sidewalks, video showed. The male driver is in custody but hasn’t been identified.

The Twitter jokes flew.

Here’s what you need to know:

The Tractor Was Stolen & Involved in a Crash, Police Say

Why would cops chase a tractor? Well, for starters, it was stolen, according to Denver Police.

According to 9News, the stolen tractor was involved in a crash, so a pursuit started. It lasted 30 minutes and even involved the department’s helicopter. Property and vehicles were damaged during the chase, police said.

Police Tasered the Suspect at the End of the Chase, Reports Say

How did the tractor chase end? A witness told KDVR-TV that “the pursuit ended when a police cruiser hit the tractor head-on.” That set off the squad’s airbags. According to the television station, a taser was then used to get the suspect in custody.

According to The Denver Post, the driver suffered – wait for it – dog bites while allegedly resisting arrest. This wasn’t explained further by the newspaper story.

According to The Denver Post, “Police were concerned for the safety of pedestrians and drivers and made a quick decision to end the incident by ramming the tractor” and a witness said the squad was traveling the wrong way down a one-way street when it struck the tractor.

Two officers were injured, but not seriously.

Social Media Went Wild With Jokes About the Bizarre Chase

Although the chase was serious because a police cruiser ended up hitting the tractor, that didn’t stop people on Twitter from having a field day with the bizarre aspects of the chase. Here are some of the Twitter responses:

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Some people thought it was pretty amazing the tractor driver eluded police for a full 30 minutes.

Some people were just baffled by it all.

“I keep saying Denver isn’t a cow town then I look up and the police are having a low speed chase with a rouge tractor in the heart of downtown,” concluded one man.

Wrote another, “Just witnessed a police chase in downtown Denver. 20 cops trying to catch a tractor. Made me feel like I was back in Indiana.”

A woman revealed, “Just watched four cop cars trying to chase down a tractor on the lam in Denver, so that’s my night.”