Lunar Eclipse Live Stream: How to Watch Online

Lunar Eclipse Blood Moon

Getty Lunar Eclipse Blood Moon

For the second time this year, on Friday July 27, the Earth is passing directly between the Sun and the Moon. This will cause the longest total lunar eclipse of the century– one hour and 43 minutes!

This rare phenomenon is also known as a Blood Moon. When the moon falls into Earth’s shadow, it causes the Moon to turn a dark red color. The previous Super Blue Blood Moon was visible on January 31, 2018.

Unfortunately, today’s lunar eclipse will not be directly visible from North America. Those of us in the United States will have to settle for watching it online. Set a reminder: the total lunar eclipse is happening at 2PM ET. You can watch a live stream of it in the video below. NASA is also streaming the eclipse.

NASANASA rendering of what happens during a total lunar eclipse

Viewers in the Eastern hemisphere will have the best view of the total lunar eclipse. Areas that will get to see the moment of totality include India, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates and western Australia.

In Western Europe, stargazers can see the eclipsed moon as it begins to rise. Parts of Southeast Asia and the Pacific will catch a glimpse of the Blood Moon around the time the moon sets Sturday morning.

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The solar eclipse has come and gone in the United States.

On August 21, 2017, millions of people in the United States excitedly watched a rare total solar eclipse. It was the first time in 99 years that the moment of totality passed directly across the United States coast to coast. The path of totality stretched 70 miles wide from Oregon to South Carolina. The next total solar eclipse is coming in 2024.

Donald Trump eclipse meme, Donald Trump Twitter, Donald Trump Paul Ryan

GettyPresident Donald Trump looking at the eclipse without solar eclipse glasses.

For weeks leading up to the solar eclipse, viewers were warned repeatedly to use special glasses to see it. A partial solar eclipse is dangerous to look at with the naked eye; it can cause serious damage and even blindness. That’s why whenPresident Trump looked directly up at the partial eclipse from the White House, he attracted so much ribbing. White House aides shouted up at him not to look– but he did look again without the glasses, three times total.