Natasha & Shala Fross: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Twin sisters in Colorado are facing charges after they were seen on video yelling racist insults at a Hispanic family. The two women, identified as Natasha and Shala Fross from Commerce City, are seen at the beginning of the video swinging at one of the women. Throughout the exchange, you can also hear the Fross sisters making disparaging comments about the other women’s weight, calling them “old fat Mexican b*tches.”

It’s unclear what prompted the confrontation. The video has gone viral since it was posted.

Here’s what you need to know.

1. Natasha and Shala Fross Spent 5 Days In Jail Following the Incident

YoutubeNatasha and Shala Fross

The viral video was posted July 10th, but the confrontation actually happened May 7th. That’s according to the Adams County Detention Facility. spoke with a representative from the jail, who confirmed that officers from the Commerce City Police Department made the arrests.

We were told that both Natasha and Shala are charged with:
– Biased motivated crime
– Third-degree assault
– Third-degree criminal trespassing

The sisters were booked into the jail on May 7th. They both posted bond of $2,500 on May 12th and were released that day. Their mugshots were not immediately available.

Their next court appearance is August 2nd. A clerk at the Adams County Justice Center confirmed that Natasha and Shala Fross are being represented by a public defender.

2. Natasha and Shala Fross Both Charged with a Bias Motivated Crime

Under Colorado law, hate crimes are divided into two categories: “Bias motivated harassment” and “Bias motivated crime.” The Fross sisters are charged in the second category.

The law states:

“A person commits a bias-motivated crime if, with the intent to intimidate or harass another person because of that person’s actual or perceived race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, physical or mental disability, or sexual orientation, he or she:

(a) Knowingly causes bodily injury to another person;  or

(b) By words or conduct, knowingly places another person in fear of imminent lawless action directed at that person or that person’s property and such words or conduct are likely to produce bodily injury to that person or damage to that person’s property;  or

(c) Knowingly causes damage to or destruction of the property of another person.”

By itself, the crime is a Class One misdemeanor and could result in community service. But the assault charge could make this more difficult for Natasha and Shala Fross. A charge of assault with bodily injury is a felony and can result in jail time. More will be known after the Fross sisters appear in court on August 2nd.

3. Natasha and Shala Fross Argued With Police at the Scene

YoutubeNatasha and Shala Fross

Police officers were called out to the scene to break up the fight. You can hear an officer tell the Fross sisters to leave the Ruiz property and go wait at their own house, which was apparently right across the street. They walk into the middle of the road, saying “we’re gonna live here for the rest of the year… Y’all are too fat for parole.”

The officer can then be heard saying “This is not looking good for you.” The Fross sisters insist that the Hispanic family had attacked them, and the officer repeats again that Natasha and Shala need to go wait at their own home. One of them responds, “I’m not going to.” They’re both seen facing the officer with their arms crossed.

The officer then says, “Talk crap to them one more time, you’re going to jail.” This sets the Fross sisters off again. They start talking over each other and repeat their claims that they were the victims in the situation. One of them yells again, “old fat Mexican b*tches.” The officers then asks the family to go inside, which they quietly do.

4. Carlos Ruiz Shared Details of the Attack on his Mother and Sister on Facebook

Carlos Ruiz posted the video of the confrontation on Facebook. He explained that his mother had been at a neighbor’s house asking about the cost of installing carpet in her home. He says the Fross sisters came outside and began yelling racist remarks. They allegedly were screaming at Ruiz’s mother to leave the United States, and questioning how Mexicans to buy a house or own a car.

Ruiz says his mother tried to ignore the women, and walked back to her own home. He explains that the situation quickly escalated into violence. The Fross sisters allegedly approached the older woman, punching her and pulling her hair.

Ruiz says his sister came outside to help their mother, and ended up getting attacked as well. Ruiz posted that he decided to film the encounter, after his sister told him to back off. She allegedly told her brother that if he tried to break up the fight and ended up touching the Fross women, he could get in serious trouble.

Carlos Ruiz also publicly thanked the Commerce City police on his Facebook page. He shared that the officers came back to the house to check on his mother. He wrote “they did an amazing job and the way they handled the situation! Not all cops are bad out there ! & neither are all white people racist ! .
So thank you officers! With the video going viral I don’t think you guys get enough appreciation for how well you’s handled this.”

5. The Viral Attack Has Prompted Angry Backlash from Social Media Posters

Natasha and Shala Fross do not appear to have current Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn accounts (or they have been deleted). Heavy found Facebook accounts with profile pictures that look like the two women, but the account information is private.

The video is sparking angry reactions online. Some posters blame rhetoric from the Trump administration as promoting this type of confrontation. Reactions include:

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