WATCH: Virginia Driver Unleashes Bigoted Attack Over Afghan Flag


A Virginia driver is under attack after he was caught on camera unleashing a bigoted attack on the driver of a truck that had an Afghan flag sticker pasted on the bumper next to an American flag.

The man has yet to be named, but the video went viral quickly after the brother of the driver posted the confrontation on Twitter.

“My brother was being tailgated for miles and he pulled over to see why. FYI, my brother has an Afghan flag sticker on his truck, right next to his American Flag… and yes we were born here,” Twitter user Ameer Ghousi posted.

The video has been retweeted over 15 thousand times, and has nearly 40 thousand likes as of Tuesday afternoon.

The driver’s brother Ghousi mentioned that they were both born in America, and the person videotaping the confrontation can be heard stating that he was born in the states, but that didn’t stop the man from continuing his assault.

“Why you such a b–ch Afghanistan?” the man screams at the driver. He repeats the question twice and makes faces at the driver, before continuing: “Go back to f–king Afghanistan and tend your f–king goats.”

The unnamed man also appears to threaten the driver, saying “you’re lucky you got that to protect you,” and pointing to his phone.

Reston Association released a statement regarding the video, stating that the man shouting at the driver is a former season employee, and claimed that the man worked for the company briefly in 2015. You can read the full statement below:

Reston Association became aware of a video posted on social media today that shows a former RA seasonal employee making inappropriate comments to a man seated in a vehicle. The association strongly condemns the remarks made by the former employee, who briefly worked at RA from March-August 2015.

As an organization founded on Robert E. Simon Jr.’s vision of a community that embraces diversity, RA rejects comments or actions that display intolerance. RA members and staff support the core values upon which our community was founded. As an organization, we strive to meet the unwavering standards of our members and remain the respectful and welcoming community that was founded over 50 years ago.

Larry Butler,
Acting CEO, Reston Association

Furious users responded in the comments, many apologizing for the “brainwashed, xenophobic piece of sh–” that followed the driver, just to hop out and start berating him for his bumper sticker.

This is a developing story. Heavy will update as more information is known.