Woman Gets Stuck Between Red Line Train & Platform, Quickly Rescued


A woman who fell and got stuck between a Red Line train and a platform in Cambridge, Massachusetts Thursday morning has been rescued and taken to the hospital, according to officials.

Firefighters responded to Central Station around 7.30 a.m. Thursday after a woman was found trapped between the train and the platform, according to the Cambridge Fire Department. A rescue operation suspended service between the Harvard and Park Street stops, and the woman was rescued after the power was cut to the rail. Firefighters were able to swiftly rescue the woman.

“We got some members in there to take care of the individual,” Deputy Fire Chief Sean White said. “They safely extricated her from the position where she was and she was transported to the hospital.”

Because of how the woman fell, White said firefighters had to “tunnel down” to reach her when the power was shut off, according to CBS Boston. She was placed onto a backboard, slid out, and transported to an area hospital by ambulance.

“Everything worked out the way it should,” White said. “I don’t know if she could have landed in any safer spot than she did. It’s her lucky day. Not for falling in, but for getting in a good spot.”

Carl Stevens wrote on twitter that the deputy chief on the scene said the woman was “very lucky” and “wedged in a normal space between the train and the platform. She was conscious and alert when taken away.”

After the power was shut off, the rescuers were able to safely extricate the woman within five minutes.

The woman’s condition is unknown at this time. Heavy will update as more information is known.

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