Officer Anthony Doran: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Anthony Doran

Screenshot of Video - 12 News Anthony Doran is accused of filming himself having sexual intercourse with a woman on his police body cam.

Anthony Doran, a former Arizona police officer, was fired earlier this year for allegedly using a department body camera to film himself having sex with a woman and then storing the video, along with 36 gigabytes of pornographic material, on an office computer, The Arizona Republic reported, citing court records.

According to the report, Officer Anthony Doran became the subject of an administrative probe by the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office in March, the report said. Doran was found to have stored a video on a flash drive of him having sex with a woman in his office. The report said the woman was not a police employee.

A flash drive filled with more pornographic content was discovered by another deputy, including a picture of a naked girl around the age of five, according to Fox News.

Here’s what you need to know about Doran:

1. A Folder Titled “Fun Time” Was Found on Doran’s Computer, Filled with Pornographic Content, Including a Picture of a Young, Naked Girl

Superior police sergeant accused of taping sex on body cameraVideo shows Anthony Doran, a Superior police sergeant, turning on his department-issued body camera and pointing it towards himself before engaging in sexual activity with a woman in his office. A still image of a naked, underage girl was also found.2018-08-15T05:11:17.000Z

The video, dated in April 2017, was allegedly stored on a jump drive that resembled a police radio on Doran’s computer, according to AZ Central. The sheriff’s report describes a nearly four-minute video showing Doran wearing a uniform shirt with the Superior police insignia, but no pants or undergarments.

“Anthony is sitting in an office chair and straddling him is a naked adult female (who is not a police employee),” the report states.

The video shows Doran turn on his body camera and angle it toward himself. In the video, Doran can be seen sitting at a desk showing a woman on his lap. The rest of the video is very graphic in nature, according to 12 News.

The video and photos were found in a folder on Doran’s computer titled “fun time.” The folder was initially found by an office secretary who was connected to his computer, who then had another deputy review the folder. There were 36 gigabytes worth of content hidden in the folder.

Among the video were several other pornographic pictures, including naked pictures Doran appeared to have taken of himself and a picture of a naked young girl, Fox News reports.

2. Doran Claims the Photo of the Naked Girl Was Not Sexual in Nature & The Pornography Had “Nothing To Do With Work”

The sergeant viewing the images and video found in the folder as part of the investigation wrote in his report, “The images and the fact they were intersected with pictures of sexual situations caused me to physically react with shaking hands and upset stomach.”

Doran told The Republic that he had stored both the video and the pornography on a flash drive that “had nothing to do with work,” and denied being on duty when he filmed himself. Doran also said that the girl was his daughter, and not photographed in an explicit or sexual manner.

According to 12 News, the Pinal County Attorney’s Office did not charge Doran with a crime, but PCSO’s report concluded by saying, “There is suspicion that some grooming behavior may be present.”

3. An Investigation Was Opened Following Complaints That Doran Beat & Falsely Arrested a Superior, Arizona Resident

Pinal County Report

Screenshot of Video – 12 News

Officer Doran became the subject of an administrative probe after a Superior, Ariz., resident filed a civil complaint alleging that Doran had been among several officers who beat and falsely arrested him during a 2016 search of his home, according to Fox News. That was when the folder was discovered.

According to AZ Central, police found a small amount of marijuana and a glass pipe on Richard Manriquez during a routine traffic stop. Later that evening, Doran, as well as several other police officers, announced themselves at the home of Manriquez, who is described in court papers as a “tiny, disabled man who weighs 120 pounds.” When Manriquez opened the door, the lawsuit says, one officer grabbed him by the arm, while four officers “stormed in,” knocked Manriquez to the floor, beat him, and zapped him with a stun gun.

The lawsuit claims Superior is liable for civil rights violations because town officials hired “second-chance officers” who had been dismissed or punished by other departments for unethical behavior, AZ Central reports. The lawsuit also claims that Superior was trying to cut costs and fill police vacancies.

“The town hires substandard officers with extensive misconduct records to save money,” the complaint says. “Once the town hires these substandard, ‘second-chance’ officers, it fails to appropriately train/retrain them.”

4. Doran Was Terminated From Another Sheriff’s Office  in 2013 For “Inappropriate Contact With a Woman While on Duty”

‌Pima County Sheriff’s Office Twitter

Records show that in 2013 Doran was terminated by the Pima County Sheriff’s Office for having inappropriate contact with a woman while on duty in his patrol car. Doran was accused of “kissing and fondling a woman in his patrol car while on duty, then trying to delete sexually explicit pictures and texts from his cellphone,” according to AZ Central.

The Arizona Peace Officer Standards and Training agency, also known as POST, suspended his certification for that conduct, AZ Central reports. Executive Director Jack Lane said a new inquiry is underway based on Doran’s alleged misconduct in Superior.

5. Doran Feels That His Firing Was Unjustified & That He Was Never Given a Chance to Explain His Side of the Story

Pinal County Sheriff's Office


Doran denied that he was on duty when the video was filmed. He claimed he lived at the police station in a room adjacent to the office, and worked flexible hours at the time the video was recorded. according to AZ Central. At times, he said, he would list himself as working even though he was not officially on duty, AZ Central reports.

He also said he was never given a chance to explain his side of the story, and the town manager refused to accept a resignation letter in lieu of firing.

When confronted about the body cam video, the report says Doran claimed he did not deserve termination. “I’ll admit to that (violation) and take my 40,” he said, apparently referring to a one-week suspension.