Blair Ness: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Blair Ness

Lewisville Police Department Blair Ness has been identified as the Dallas man who has been arrested for the murder of his 16-month-old son.

Blair Ness has been charged with capital murder in the fatal stabbing of his 16-month-old son at an apartment in the Dallas, Texas area.

On Sunday, a series of 911 calls flooded the Lewisville Police Department in which a caller tried to explain to a confused 911 dispatcher that someone was “slamming the kid on the ground” and “stabbing their baby.” The dispatcher seemed unable to believe what was happening, repeatedly asking, “What do you mean by that? What are you seeing?”

Ness has since been arrested in connection to the fatal murder of his son, Ashton Ness. Just a week ago, Ness posted a photo of his family to Facebook, captioning it, “The start of something beautiful! I love my family, man do we have a strong bond. let’s all stand strong in jesus christ cause it’s so much better than magic. love you guys so much ?”

Here’s what you need to know.

1. 27-year-old Ness Was Shot in the Leg When a Neighbor Tried to Stop the Attack

Ness was reportedly at home alone with his child, Ashton Ness, when the attack occurred. Ness lived in the apartment with his girlfriend and son; his girlfriend was at work at the time.

Police say the apartment was smoky and smelled like marijuana at the time of entry. Ness was reportedly shot in the leg by a neighbor who tried to stop the attack.

2. Forensic Investigators Found Stab Wounds All Over Ashton Ness’s Body

Police say stab wounds were found all over Ashton Ness’s body and head. The scene of the attack is described as an outside grassy area, presumably the front or back yard, where officers found multiple bloody knives. Police also found skull fragments near the bedroom door, indicating the attack had started inside and moved outside.

When police found Ness, he was reportedly refusing to leave his son’s body, and had to eventually be Tasered.

3. Hess Was Allegedly Shouting ‘Jesus Is Coming’ While Attacking His Son

According to Fox News, Hess was shouting that Jesus was coming while he “slammed his toddler son into the concrete and fatally stabbed him.”

Alexandra Murphy, the girlfriend of Ness and mother of Ashton Ness, told police that Ness had been reading the bible and attending church with her in recent weeks, though it didn’t seem out of the ordinary. Authorities have not yet established what they believe to be the motive of the attack.

Ness’s family has since made a statement claiming that Ness was possessed at the time of the attack. The statement read, 

“The shock of this vicious act will forever affect anyone that is close to this horror that happened on August 19th. We thank you for all the support, space and kindness during this time. We love you Ashton and we will always remember your beautiful smile and laughter.” It further alleged that “[Ness] left this earth sometime in the last few weeks as he opened a door to allow demons to enter into his body.”

4. Hess Said He Killed His Son in the Police Affidavit

According to the police affidavit, Ness said as he was handcuffed, “I know everyone’s mad. I’m mad. I killed my son.” Ness originally refused arrest, and had to be subdued with a shock gun, police say.

However, Ness is now reportedly tightlipped, not speaking to anyone since he was arrested, and no longer offering any explanation.

5. A GoFundMe Page Has Been Set up to Help Cover the Costs of Ashton’s Funeral

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help Alexandra Murphy cover the costs of her son’s funeral. The page, which had a goal of $15,000, has already received over $19,000.

Joseph Murphy, the administrator of the page, wrote, “We are raising money to help Ashton’s mother with expenses and recover from the horrible ordeal of loosing her 16 month old son by the hands of his Father.  Something no parent should ever have to endure. Ashton lit up a room when he entered it.  He had a great smile and the cutest dimples you ever saw.  We had the pleasure of watching him last weekend and will never forget all that he learned and taught us. We appreciate your support, prayers and love.”

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